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The 31st Annual People's Choice Awards

On Stage

January 9, 2005

Acceptance speech held by Marcia Cross.

"ooh... I look very cool, but my heart is beating a million miles an hour. OK, um hum. the creator of our show, Marc Cherry -- giggle -- has laryngitis and has asked me to speak in his place. Ah first he wanted me to thank everyone out here who voted for us and all the fans who have supported the show since day one, so thank you.
We feel - - it is a short microphone - - we feel truly blessed and thankful, and we promise to keep giving you the same outrageous, witty, touching, mysterious and surprising show we always have.
Marc also wanted me to thank the men of wisteria lane. See we gals get all the attention, but everybody knows we couldn't do the show without the fellows so each and every one of you is terrific ... high five ...
Uh sadly Marc says one of you is going to die soon. oh oh I'm sorry oh not on the show in real life, anyway thanks again - - from Marc thank you so much. Good Night ... thank you! thank you! thank you! thank you!"

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