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Steven Culp on "Grey's Anatomy"

as Dr. Darren Parker

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Congratulations to Steven for getting the recurring role on "Grey's Anatomy" !!!

"Grey's Anatomy" Behind the Scene Pictures featuring Steven Culp
"Grey's Anatomy" Promotion Pictures featuring Steven Culp
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(October 1, 2012,, by Steve Marsi)
Grey's Anatomy Photo Gallery & Synopsis: "Love the One You're With"

ABC has released promotional photos for the third episode of Grey's Anatomy's ninth season, "Love the One You're With." In it, Steven Culp debuts as Dr. Parker, a doctor working closely with Cristina.

For how long is an open question.

According to the official episode synopsis, "the survivors from the crash are asked to make an almost impossible decision that will affect the rest of their lives."

Meanwhile, "tension grows between Jackson and April after they're forced to work together, and Alex tries to restrain himself with one of the interns." Sounds intense.

The episode airs Thursday, October 18 (the show is off October 11 due to the vice presidential debate).

(September 4, 2012, International Business Times AU, by Arlene Paredes)
Grey's Anatomy Hires Top Dog New Doctor

Grey's Anatomy Season 9 is only a couple of weeks away, and the stars of the hit ABC series seem to be getting busy with their personal lives before demands of filming peaks up. Meanwhile, another new doc has been named, and this time, Shonda Rhimes got someone from "Desperate Housewives."

New docs named

In the wake of cast departures (the latest of which is the expected exit of Eric Dane as Mark Sloan), another new doc has been named to join Grey's Anatomy.

Steven Culp, 54, joins Season 9 as a "top dog doctor." The specifics are scarce as to the depth of Culp's role, so fans will have to wait for more updates. Culp played the role of Rex Van de Kamp on 'Desperate.'

Fans hang on until Grey's Anatomy Season 9 premieres on September 27.

(September 4, 2012,, by Brody Gibson)
Grey's Anatomy Hires Top Dog New Doctor

A number of recurring roles are being created for Grey's Anatomy's ninth season, and we have one more to add to the growing pile of new doctors. While most of the new characters are younger doctors and interns, this latest creation will be something of a veteran, with the skills to match his years of experience. I don't mean to suggest he's old, but he's definitely not a stranger to medical practices. However, with next to no information of this new character, it's very hard to pinpoint what kind of personality he has. All that we really know is the actor who will be playing him and that he's a good doctor. But we can have plenty of fun pretending like we no more than we do!

Steven Culp's booking as the new "top dog" physician, Dr. Parker, on Grey's was reported by Deadline, and as with most bare-bones casting announcements, my mind started writing the character's entire biography based on the few words used to describe him. Will any of my crazy theories be right? Possibly, but the chances are slim. Thankfully, this time around my ideas are a little more grounded in reality and logic. So let's see where our imaginations take us using the only clue we have: Dr. Parker's "top dog" status.

When I first hear of someone being referred to as a top dog anything, I immediately see them as being a real arrogant figure, regardless of whether or not they actually are. It's that jealousy that blinds your vision and can cause you to see decent people as monsters. Carrying on from there, this Parker fellow could be an arrogant son of a bitch, allowing his skill as a doctor to inflate his ego, or he could the humblest doctor in the world. Both are fairly interesting, but wouldn't it be great if he was this nice guy, but everyone hated him because they saw an imagined arrogance about him, a byproduct of their own jealousies? If this isn't already the plan for Parker then it should be.

(September 4, 2012,, by Alexander Hildebrandt)
Steven Culp bei Grey's Anatomy

Herr Doktor, übernehmen Sie

Das Ärzteteam von "Grey's Anatomy" bekommt Zuwachs: Steven Culp übernimmt in der neunten Staffel die Rolle eines Arztes. Dies dürfte dem Schauspieler nicht allzu schwer fallen - zuletzt war er als Dr. Rex Van de Kamp in "Desperate Housewives" zu sehen. Serienfans werden Steven Culp zudem auch aus anderen TV-Produktionen kennen.

Die meisten Serienfans kennen Steven Culp als Dr. Rex Van de Camp in "Desperate Housewives". Der Schauspieler ist allerdings ein echter Serienexperte: Seine ersten TV-Erfahrungen sammelte er von 1983 bis 1984 in der US-Soap "Liebe, Lüge, Leidenschaft". Bekannt wurde Steven Culp durch die Serie "JAG - Im Auftrag der Ehre", in der er von 1997 bis 2004 Clayton Webb verkörperte. In den vergangenen Jahren hatte er zudem Gastauftritte in "Criminal Minds", "The Mentalist" und "Body of Proof". In "Grey's Anatomy" wird er in der neunten Staffel als Dr. Parker zu sehen sein und das Ärzteteam um Dr. Meredith Grey bereichern. In den USA startet die neue Staffel am 27. September 2012.

(September 4, 2012,, by Candace Young)
Grey's Anatomy - NEWS ROOM

Grey's Anatomy Casts Steven Culp

New doc.

"Grey's Anatomy" has added another new recurring character to the canvas according to TV Line, this one played by actor Steven Culp. Culp is best known for his role as Rex Van de Camp on "Desperate Housewives," but has also appeared on "Drop Dead Diva," "The West Wing," and "JAG." Culp will play respected surgeon, Dr. Parker, on "Grey's Anatomy," and will recur throughout Season 9. congratulates Steven Culp on his new gig.

(September 3, 2012,, by Karli Drinkwater)
Desperate To Star In Grey's Anatomy

With our favourite medical drama haemmoraghing doctors left, right and centre, we're excited to see a new face joining the rounds at Seattle Grace Mercy West.

Desperate Housewives star Steven Culp, who played Rex Van De Kamp in the Wysteria Lane drama, is joining the cast of Grey's Anatomy next season.

We reckon he's going to have quite an impact on the lives of our favourite docs - according to TV site Deadline, he'll be playing top surgeon Dr Parker.

Will he be a despot doc, inciting fear in the newbies? Or perhaps he'll be the new heartthrob, breaking hearts as fast as he mends them in the OR?

We say welcome to Grey's Anatomy, whatever mischief you're planning.

Bring on Season 9.

(September 3, 2012,, by Morgan Jeffery)
'Desperate Housewives' star Steven Culp joins 'Grey's Anatomy'

Desperate Housewives actor Steven Culp has joined the cast of Grey's Anatomy.

The 56-year-old will play a recurring role on the ABC medical drama's ninth season, Deadline reports.

His character Dr Parker is described as a "top dog doctor" - Culp's casting comes in the wake of several cast departures, with Chyler Leigh (Dr Lexie Grey), Kim Raver (Teddy Altman) and Eric Dane (Dr Mark Sloan) all having quit the series.

Culp played Rex Van de Kamp on Desperate Housewives between 2004 and 2012 and recently appeared in episodes of Drop Dead Diva, Longmire and Perception.

Other stars signed up for roles on Grey's Anatomy include Camilla Luddington (True Blood, Californication) and Tina Majorino (Veronica Mars, Napoleon Dynamite).

The series returns to ABC in the US on Thursday, September 27 at 9/8c.

(September 3, 2012,
Housewives star joins Grey's Anatomy

Desperate Housewives star Steven Culp has joined the cast of Grey's Anatomy.

The 56-year-old actor will play a recurring role in the medical drama's ninth season, reports Deadline.

Culp, who played Rex Van de Kamp on Desperate Housewives between 2004 and 2012, has been cast as Dr Parker in the series, who is described as a "top dog doctor".

His casting comes in the wake of several cast departures, including Eric Dane (Dr Mark Sloan), Chyler Leigh (Dr Lexie Grey) and Kim Raver (Teddy Altman). Actors who have have signed up for roles in the new series include Camilla Luddington and Tina Majorino.

Grey's Anatomy returns to ABC in the US on Thursday, September 27.

(September 3, 2012,, by Adam Arndt)
Grey's Anatomy: Steven Culp kommt an das Seattle Grace Hospital

Eine neue Koryphäe ihres Fachs ist bald in der Krankenhausserie Grey's Anatomy zu sehen. Steven Culp übernimmt die Rolle eines neuen Arztes. Wo seine Figur auftreten wird, ist jedoch eine ganz andere Frage.

Weitere Personalverstärkung für die ABC-Serie "Grey's Anatomy": Steven Culp stößt in einer wiederkehrenden Gastrolle als Dr. Parker zur neunten Staffel, wie Deadline meldet. Der gute Doktor wird als "Top Dog" beschrieben, also als Koryphäe auf seinem noch nicht näher benannten Feld.

Unklar ist aber, ob er am Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital praktizieren wird oder aber an einem zweiten Handlungsort, an dem einige Teile der US-Serie in der neunten Staffel spielen sollen. Die jungen Ärzte haben am Ende der achten Staffel nämlich ihre Prüfung zum Oberarzt absolviert und danach Angebote von anderen Krankenhäusern eingeholt.

Serienjunkies ist der 1955 geborene Steven Culp kein Unbekannter. Als Rex Van de Kamp, der erste Ehemann der adretten Hausfrau Bree (Marcia Cross), erschien er in insgesamt 31 Episoden von "Desperate Housewives". Außerdem absolvierte er Gastauftritte in "Harry's Law", "Drop Dead Diva", "Perception" und "Body of Proof".

(September 1, 2012,, by Andrea Salazar)
'Grey's Anatomy' adds 'Desperate Housewives' alum Steven Culp for season 9

Grey's Anatomy has cast former Desperate Housewives actor Steven Culp in a recurring role in the show's upcoming ninth season.

Culp will play Dr. Parker, a "top dog doctor," Deadline reports, though it is unclear if he'll be working at Seattle Grace.

Apart from his role as Rex Van de Kamp in Desperate Housewives, Culp's credits also include The West Wing and JAG.

Culp joins Gaius Charles and Camilla Luddington as the latest additions to the show. Tina Majorino will guest star.

Grey's Anatomy returns with "Going Going Gone" Sept. 27. Catch up on season 8 with the DVD out Sept. 4.

(September 1, 2012,, by Matt Richenthal)
Steven Culp to Make Cuts on Grey's Anatomy

Steven Culp is ready to slice and dice his way around Grey's Anatomy Season 9.

The veteran actor (Body of Proof, Desperate Housewives, Perception) has landed a recurring role on the ABC drama, Deadline reports, coming on board this fall as a well-respected surgeon named Dr. Parker.

Considering the unknown fates of many of our favorite doctors a the conclusion of the May finale, it's unknown whether Culp's character will be based in Seattle Grace or a different hospital.

Grey's Anatomy returns with new episodes on Thursday, September 27.

(September 1, 2012,
Grey's Anatomy - Season 9 - Steven Culp to recur

As reported by our sister site Deadline, Culp will recur during Season 9 of the ABC drama in the role of Dr. Parker, a top surgeon. It is not clear if Parker practices at Seattle Grace or elsewhere, given that some of the residents' fates were in play at the close of last season.

(September 1, 2012,
Steven Culp Joins GREY'S ANATOMY in Recurring Role

According to, TV's Desperate Housewives' and stage actor Steven Culp will return to ABC in a recurring role on Grey's Anatomy as Dr. Parker.

Culp played Rex Van De Kamp in ABC's Desperate Housewives. The actor has appeared onstage in Opus, Dr. Cerberus, Blackbird, Death of a Salesman and Old Times.

Culp will join Grey's Anatomy stars Patrick Dempsey, Ellen Pompeo, Sandra Oh, Sara Ramirez, Jessica Capshaw and more. Season 8 concluded with a plane crash involving many of the show's beloved characters.

Grey's Anatomy returns Thursday, September 27 at 9/8c on ABC.

(September 1, 2012,
'Grey's Anatomy' season 9 spoilers: 'Desperate Housewives' alum checks in

One of ABC's longest-running shows in "Desperate Housewives" ended this past May after eight seasons on the air - and now, one of its stars is getting set to stop by another landmark network series in "Grey's Anatomy."

In news that was first reported by Deadline, actor Steven Culp (who played Rex on the ABC drama series for over 30 episodes) is going to be stopping by in a recurring fashion this season as a top surgeon who goes by the name of Dr. Parker. What is a little bit unclear at the moment is whether or not this is a character who is a fixture at Seattle Grace, or another hospital entirely. Remember, many of our leading doctors (including Meredith, Cristina, and Alex) were all looking to establish themselves elsewhere at the end of last season following the completion of their board exams.

Culp has had a rich history of making appearances on some other series over the years, including "JAG" and "The West Wing." This is just his latest stepping stone, and we hope that his character either serves as a source of wisdom to one of our doctors, or a reminder of how great Seattle Grace is if he turns out to be a horrible person and a dictator at another establishment.

The new season of "Grey's Anatomy" will premiere on ABC Thursday, September 27 at 9:00 p.m. Eastern time.

(September 1, 2012,, by Brian Scott Lipton)
Steven Culp to Join ABC's Grey's Anatomy

Television and stage star Steven Culp will have a recurring role on the upcoming season of ABC's hit drama Grey's Anatomy, playing Dr. Parker, a top dog doctor, according to

Culp's many theater credits include Old Times, Opus, Dr. Cerberus, Blackbird, and Death of a Salesman. He is well known for his portrayal of Rex Van De Kamp on ABC's Desperate Housewives.

Grey's Anatomy stars Patrick Dempsey, Ellen Pompeo, Sandra Oh, Sara Ramirez, Jessica Capshaw, and Chandra Wilson.

(September 1, 2012,, by Meredith Jacobs)
'Grey's Anatomy' Season 9 Spoilers: New Recurring Doctor Cast

Grey's Anatomy will be returning to ABC on September 27 for its ninth season, which could see the Seattle Grace staff lose more of its members—and not just from life-threatening injuries after the plane crash. However, there will be new characters as well, and the latest casting news is about one of them.

Grey's Season 9 Spoilers follow

According to Deadline, Steven Culp will be recurring as "Dr. Parker, a top dog doctor." So there's a new doctor around, but it's unclear which hospital he will be in. Last season ended with several doctors planning to leave Seattle behind and move on, but after the plane crash, it's likely that will change for some.

However, it has been confirmed that Grey's Anatomy season 9 will take place in more than one location. Which hospital will Culp's Dr. Parker be part of? Which doctors will he interact with? With Parker a recurring character, you have to wonder if he'll be involved romantically with any of the series regulars. Considering this is Grey's, that's very possible, and it would honestly be more surprising if he wasn't at least a potential love interest for someone, even if it doesn't end up going anywhere. That's what fans have come to expect from this show, after all.

(September 1, 2012,, by Sadie Gennis)
Desperate Housewives' Steven Culp Joins Grey's Anatomy

There's a new doctor in town.

Desperate Housewives' Steven Culp has landed a recurring role on Grey's Anatomy, Deadline reports. The actor will play "top dog" Dr. Parker on the ABC medical drama.

With many of the residents' futures still up in the air, it's unknown whether Parker will join the team at Seattle Grace or another hospital.

Culp is best known for playing Rex Van de Kamp on Housewives, which ended its eight-season run in May. His past credits include JAG, The West Wing, Drop Dead Diva, Longmire and Perception.

Grey's returns Thursday, Sept. 27 at 9/8c on ABC.

(September 1, 2012,
More TV Casting News

"Desperate Housewives" actor Steven Culp is staying at ABC, jumping to "Grey's Anatomy." He'll play Dr. Parker, a hot-shot doctor.

(August 31, 2012,, by Matt Webb Mitovich)
Grey's Anatomy: Desperate Housewives' Steven Culp to Play Doctor

Grey's Anatomy is adding a bit of Rex appeal — as in Rex Van De Kamp — with the casting of Desperate Housewives alum Steven Culp in a recurring role. As reported by our sister site Deadline, Culp will recur during Season 9 of the ABC drama in the role of Dr. Parker, a top surgeon. It is not clear if Parker practices at Seattle Grace or elsewhere, given that some of the residents' fates were in play at the close of last season.

In addition to Housewives, Culp's TV credits include runs on JAG, The West Wing and Traveler (wow, remember that one?), plus guest spots on myriad shows, most recently Drop Dead Diva, Longmire and Perception.

Grey's Season 9 premieres Thursday, Sept. 27.

(August 31, 2012,, by Nellie Andreeva)
Several TV Series Book Recurring Actors

Desperate Housewives
alum Steven Culp is back on ABC with a recurring role on Grey's Anatomy, playing Dr. Parker, a top dog doctor. He is with Domain and manager Miriam Milgrom.

(July 16, 2012)
Patrick Dempsey posted a photo on his Twitter account from the first table reading of the 9th season on July 16, 2012.

@PatrickDempsey: 901 table read, and we are off!

Look who is there.

(July 12, 2012, International Business Times AU, by Arlene Paredes)
Grey's Anatomy Season 9: New Cast, New Twists, New Speculations

Grey's show runners are currently casting for a certain Dr. Parker. He or She is somewhere between 40 and 50 years old, and a competent physician. Is his competence along the ranks of celebrated neurosurgeon Dr. Shepherd?

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