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"Celebrity Liar"

From a Small Room in Hollywood, CA

June 15, 2010

The stars of CBS's "JAG", Patrick Labyorteaux and Steven Culp battle each other on this episode of Celebrity Liar with hosts Andrew Hill Newman.

Celebrity Liar is a game show where two celebrities tell the same story as if it happened to each of them. In truth, it only happened to one of them, and the chat room decides... Who's the Liar?

Celebrity Liar is a hidden gem amongst web-based game shows. The premise is simple: two celebrities tell the same story as if it happened to them. The audience then gets to choose which star they believe is lying. If the audience correctly chooses the liar, the star who was telling the truth gets a point. If the audience votes the other way, the liar gets two points. Viewers can participate live via the chat room.

The stars of the show, of course, are the celebrities who appear to tell their stories. The celebs really get into the game, and their banter between stories makes the show even more enjoyable.

The only prize that is given out is a Mega Millions lottery ticket, and each celebrity mentions a favorite charity that they plan to donate "an undisclosed" portion of their winnings to, should they hit the jackpot.

Celebrity Liar is the real deal - it's not some quirky little game that looks like it was filmed in someone's basement. You'll be entertained and engaged, so make sure you have a little extra time on your hands, because you'll end up telling yourself, "OK, just one more episode..."

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The first story was named "Gorilla Guy." Steven was the first who told the story as if it happened to him then it was Patrick's turn. Afterwards the audience (in the chat room) could ask questions to both actors. They revealed more specific details about their stories. Then the audience was asked to vote who they thought the liar was. The real liar was asked to dramatically reveal himself by raising his hand. And the liar was ...


The second story was named "We're fine" and this time Patrick told the story first as if it happened to him, then it was Steven's turn. When both actors answered the questions from the audience, they revealed more details about their stories to make it easier for the audience to decide who the liar was. After the voting the real liar was asked to raise his hand. And the liar was ...


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