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Steven Culp as Rex Van De Kamp in the hit series Desperate Housewives

Steven Culp on " Desperate Housewives"

as Dr. Rex Van de Kamp

OAD OAD 10/10/2004 OAD 10/17/2004 OAD 10/31/2004
101 - Pilot 102 - Ah, But
103 - Pretty Little
105 - Come in,

OAD 11/07/2004 OAD 11/21/2004 OAD 11/28/2004 OAD 12/12/2004
106 - Running to
Stand Still
107 - Anything
You Can Do
108 - Guilty 109 - Suspicious

OAD 12/19/2004 OAD 01/09/2005 OAD 01/23/2005 OAD 02/13/2005
110 - Come Back
to Me
111 - Move On 113 - Your Fault 114 - Love is in the Air

OAD 02/20/2005 OAD 03/27/2005 OAD 04/03/2005 OAD 04/10/2005
115 - Impossible 116 - The Ladies
Who Lunch
117 - There Won't Be
118 - Children Will

OAD 04/17/2005 OAD 05/01/2005 OAD 05/08/2005
119 - Live Alone and
Like It
120 - Fear No More 121 - Sunday in the
Park with George

OAD 05/15/2005 OAD 05/22/2005
122 - Goodbye For Now 123 - One Wonderful

OAD 05/21/2006 OAD 05/21/2006
223 - Remember, Part 1 224 - Remember, Part 2

100th episode
OAD 01/18/2009
513 - The Best Thing
That Ever Could Have Happened

OAD 09/26/2010
701 - Remember Paul?

OAD 03/18/2012
817 - Women and Death

Series Finale
OAD 05/13/2012
823 - Finishing the Hat


  • Steven Culp was Marc Cherry's first choice to play Rex. When Culp couldn't do the project, due to prior commitments, Cherry hired actor Michael Reilly Burke to play Rex. When Burke didn't test well with audiences, Cherry asked Culp again. Culp was now available and went on to play Rex.

  • Despite being killed-off in season 1, Rex has appeared since in every season (excluding season 4 and 6). He is still mentioned by his family often.

  • Rex Van De Kamp narrates episode 3.16 "My Husband, The Pig" that focuses on the men of Wisteria Lane. Steven Culp submitted this episode for consideration of his work in the category of "Outstanding Voice-Over Performance" for the 2007 Emmy Awards. (Source: "2007 Emmys CONFIRMED Episode Submissions". The Envelope Forum, Los Angeles Times. Retrieved 2007-06-18.)

  • Rex and Bree Van de Kamp were both named after the overtly vain characters on two of Marc Cherry's previous failed sitcoms, The Five Mrs. Buchanans (Bree) and The Crew (Rex).

  • Rex Van De Kamp's birthday is March 30th, making him just over 3 months older than his wife Bree.

  • Rex was allergic to onions, as seen when Bree accidentally adds onions to his salad at a resturaunt, when distracted by Martha Huber in the "Pilot" episode, causing him to have an allergic reaction and end up in the emergency room.

  • Marc Cherry got the idea for Desperate Housewives from his mother! She mentioned to him that operating their household and raising children with Cherry's father away so much, sometimes made her feel "desperate".

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