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Steven Culp Online * ** is a non-profit, fan-operated unofficial website dedicated to the American actor Steven Culp.

I created and maintain the website as a place for Steven Culp fans to enjoy and find information, articles, pictures, and news about him, his work, appearances and activities. The site is non-commercial. I don't make any money from putting it together or from maintaining it. I pay for the domains and webspace because maintaining the site is something that I enjoy doing, and hope that you will enjoy visiting.

All material on this site is for fan/entertainment purposes only. All articles, news, and photos (except the ones I took myself and the ones fans allowed me to post) are collected from various web sites on the net and are copyrighted to their respective owners. No infringement is intended! If anyone is offended by the appearance of a particular photo or an article on this site, saying it's against copyright, please email me, before taking any legal action against the site and/or me. I will remove it/them as soon as possible.

* previously known
    - as Steven Culp on TV Picture Site until March 31, 2013
    - as Steven Culp Fan Website until June 11, 2013

** Since July 28, 2011 you can reach the website through and through While is considered to be the main domain, the site can still be accessed through


In different areas of the site there are links provided to outside sites. I accept no responsibility for the privacy policy nor content of the individual sites.

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DISCLAIMER: This site is a Steven Culp fan site and is not affiliated with Steven Culp, his family or any of his representatives.
Unless otherwise noted, all captures were made by me from videos from various sources. All shows and photos belong to their respective owners.
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