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The 25th Vancouver International Film Fest

Brightlight Pictures' Pre-Festival Party at Cin Cin Ristorante

September 26, 2006

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

From: Hello! Magazine Diary of the Week, October 10-16, 2006
Desperate Housewives' Steven Culp and Men in Trees' Emily Berg

Film Festival Fever in BC
Cue the limousines! Vancouver's Robson Street was bubbling with intrigue and anticipation (albeit in chilled-out West Coast fashion) outside celebrated Cin Cin Ristorante and Bar for Brightlight Pictures' 4th annual Red Carpet Event. The pre-fest for the Vancouver International Film Festival began as camera flashes popped and broadcast veteran Terry David Mulligan, mike in hand, had actors touting their respective flicks. Supplying the glam factor was Almost Heaven star Joely Collins, daughter of British pop legend Phil.

With the red carpet wrapped, the glitterati disappeared upstairs to enjoy decadent canapes, smooth Belvedere martinis, fresh-shucked Effingham oysters (from Vancouver Island) and join other stars, such as Desperate Housewives alum Steven Culp, at the party. The evening was a double fete as Brightlight partners Shawn Williamson and Stephen Hegyes marked the company's fifth anniversary with a cake in the shape of four massive chocolate film reels. Cin cin!

Report: Nicole Harvie in Vancouver
Photo: Christopher J Morris

Proof that Class Can Co-Exist with Superb Acting: He wasn't on the red carpet, but there's no way we'd miss spotting busy actor Steven Culp, formerly Rex Van de Kamp of Desperate Housewives, as he strode alone towards the party, away from the lights. The SAG Award-winning thespian is better known in our home as Bobby Kennedy, having played JFK's little brother twice: in Thirteen Days (a superb film set during the Cuban Missile Crisis) and the TV movie Norma Jean & Marilyn. When I met Culp in the heated crush of CinCin later, I asked if he were jealous that he wasn't cast in Emilio Estevez's upcoming film Bobby, which tells the story of US Senator Robert F. Kennedy's assassination. "No," he replied, explaining that "Bobby's not actually in the movie. It's more like Grand Hotel, where you witness the events leading up to it [the assassination]."

Asked what he's working on now, Culp told that he's in Vancouver shooting the television series The Traveler. He also took the time to ask what I was working on. Suffice it to say that Culp is one of the most gentlemanly actors I've met to this day. I'd post a photo, but in one of them my eyes are closed and in another, Culp's eyes are closed. I could Photoshop them together and pretend the picture was taken as we sat together at a screening of All the King's Men. But that wouldn't be very nice. (Source:

Festival Highlights (apart from the films): As enjoyable to meet, for other reasons, were actors Steven Culp (Thirteen Days; Desperate Housewives) at Brightlight Pictures' pre-festival party at Cin Cin Ristorante and Larry Thomas (Seinfeld) at the VIFF kick-off party at the Sheraton Wall Centre. Nice guys both. (Source:

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