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SciFi Talk: Audio Interview

November 22, 2008

Steven Culp gave a great interview on SciFi Talk that was done about a week ago.

Genre fans know this actor from roles in Star Trek Enterprise as Major Hayes or roles in Stargate Atlantis and Eli Stone. He has had other memorable roles in Jag, Desperate Housewives, ER and The West Wing. We discuss his current stage work and upcoming projects. Special thanks to Miriam Milgrom. Music is by Victor Stellar.

Among other things he talked about his play "The Quality of Life", his movie "Thirteen Days", his stay on "Desperate Housewives", his role on "Star Trek Enterprise", his deleted scenes in "The Nemisis", his parts on "Eli Stone", "Impact", "Stargate Atlantis", "From Within", "Leaving Barstow" and the SAG situation.

To listen to Steven's interview, click Play below. (It's about 35 min long and the file is 34.08 MB big. - it starts with a commercial and has two short breaks in it.)

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