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Todd-n-Tyler Radio Show

May 25, 2007 (Omaha, NE, based radio station)

Steven Culp was interviewed during the Todd-n-Tyler Radio Show, on May 25, 2007.

Among other things, he talks about his new television series Traveler that starts on May 30th, 2007 on ABC, his career and projects he is not so proud of.

The Todd-n-Tyler Show offers 19 min long podcasts with highlights of their daily radio shows.

To listen to Steven's interview, click Play below. (It's 9 min 06 sec long and the file is 8.34 MB big.)

Todd: Ahh, I'd like to give you the synopsis of the show The Tra, Travelers and it really sounds interesting. But, I will get the actor to do this. Steven Culp is here shortly. Ahh, I guess, it's kinda, they're gonna show the pilot again.

Tyler: Again?

Todd: Yeah.

Tyler: Is that like, is he like Robert Culp's son or something? You know, well, I was wondering if there is any relationship there.

Todd: Well, let's ask. We'll find out. Here he is. He heard the question on hold, so … it probably sounds stupid already. Way to start the interview.

Todd: Actor Steven Culp you want to ask?

Tyler: He is agent Fred Chambers on Traveler

Todd: Ok, I, our stupid, we wanna ask, are you any relation to Robert Culp?

Steven: No, I am not.

Todd: Ok

Tyler: All right.

Steven: I'm not Robert Culp's son.

Todd: Ok, but you get that a lot.

Steven: But I get that a lot, yeah

Todd: I'm sure you do.

Tyler: Well, he is a fine.

Steven: At a time, you know, when I am on a set and people they just start looking at me in a certain way and they go "Are you …" and I go "no"

Todd: All right.

Tyler: [laughs]

Todd: Ok, we'll stop at that. You know, first of all, I love your work on The West Wing. It was one of the best shows ever.

Steven: Oh, thank you. Thank you very much.

Todd: And you were excellent in that show. The show was … It was pretty heady going on the … with all the actors on that show. It was a lot of fun, eh?

Steven: Well, you know, I'm telling you, you know, the first, the first day I was there and I am sitting across the table from three Emmy winners. You know, they've all won Emmys for the show. Bradley Whitford, John Spencer, and ahm, hmm, oh

Todd: And oh, ehm,

Tyler: Sheen

Todd: and Martin Sheen

Steven: And, I wanted to call him Toby but that was not his name. Ahm, but anyway yeah

Todd: Call him Toby that's right

Steven: And Martin Sheen who, you know, we both, we both have played Bobby Kennedy

Todd: Oh that's right, you both have

Tyler: Yes.

Steven: So, yeah, so it was like dueling Bobbies, ya, ya

Tyler: The premise of the show, I am just reading this, I have not seen the pilot, you know. Probably

Steven: Richard Schiff, I am sorry, Richard Schiff who played Toby

Todd: That's Richard Schiff

Steven: Yeah

Todd: The premise, can you, I have this synopsis here or do? Why don't you tell us what's about?

Tyler: Perhaps you could explain that

Todd: Because it sounds really interesting

Steven: Well, well, this is, this is where it's starts

Tyler: Ok, where it starts?

Steven: There are three kids, I call them kids but they are, they are graduate students and they are, they just graduated from Yale and they are taking a sort of a cross country Jack Kerouac-inspired trip and they are starting in New York and they pull a Kerouac-inspired prank at an art museum and they rollerblade through the museum. And two of them get out and the other one doesn't and they get a call on their cell phone from their friend saying "Did you get out?" and they say "Yeah, where are you?" and then he goes "I'm sorry I had to do this" and then the museum blows up. And they are suddenly all over the TV accused of being terrorists and that's where it starts and then as the episodes go on it gets more complicated and ah

Todd: It said that they are trying, it said that they are unable to turn to authorities when they realize they can't prove whether their other friend Will even exists

Steven: Right

Todd: And every photo from the past two years he managed to block out his face, so

Steven: Right

Todd: So we were alluding to the fact that Will might be a terrorist but we don't know that for sure, right?

Steven: Right. Right. There is a lot, there is a lot that's revealed that as as the show goes on and you know, we shot eight episodes and every episode, it was just a pleasure to read because the surprises and things that were revealed. Ahm

Todd: One of the problem

Steven: I play the FBI special agent in charge who's after them and I got to say I *love* my character. I mean, he is, he is a very complicated guy as you'll find out as the episodes go on.

Todd: Do things happen? Because one of my problems, I love some serialized TV, I love Prison Break 'cause actually things happen. We've all seen what happened with Lost. I lost interest. Is this kind of a show where we're gonna check out and things are gonna happen in every episode?

Steven: Well, you know, in these episodes that we've shot things happen every episode.

Todd: Good

Steven: I mean, it doesn't, it doesn't sit still.

Todd: Good

Steven: And we, you know, you know, now that we run them in the summer I am calling it a great summer thrill ride because that's what it is and the arc of episodes that we shot, this eight episodes, it builds this this terrific climax. So yeah, I am really excited about it.

Todd: Steven Culp this show is called Travelers and it's on this summer actually that's good because it is very few new shows on so people can check it out. Any chances that it is coming back next winter, then as a second season?

Steven: Well, it depends on how it does.

Todd: All right.

Steven: This summer, I am, I am kinda glad that we weren't released with big glut of serialized shows that came out this fall and even this winter because they all tanked except for Heroes and I would definitely put us up there, you know, with, I like the show Heroes and I would definitely put us up there with them. I think we're, we're on par with them just as far as quality and suspense and the script and the actors and all that stuff goes, I think it is really good.

Todd: Steven Culp is with us. We had a question. We do this with every actor and I think I've already figured your's out and [laughs]

Steven: What?

Todd: Ok, here is the question. What have you done, not your performance, because I am sure you are fine and everything, but what have you done that sucked?

Tyler: A project that you were perhaps

Todd: And I circled one here and I'm guessing it might have been this.

Tyler: You were least proud of

Steven: Well, you know, there is one … I always hate … I'm not gonna say what the title was

Todd: Was it Jason?

Steven: There was a movie that I did for HBO

Todd: Jason goes to hell?

Steven: It was really, ehm,

Tyler: HBO

Steven: There was two, there is actually two horror movies that I've done and that are the things that I'm kind of least proud of. But this, but the first one I did was when I just first arrived in L.A. and quite frankly, you know, needed the job and really hit it off with the people who were making the film and, but it wasn't a very good film. But then the second one I did for cable, it was, I got a call, it was right after I'd done 13 Days and you know, I was, you know, doing movies and stuff and I got a call about this that says, you know, it's HBO and they want you to be the lead in this movie that's starts shooting next Monday and, you know, they, they told me the producer and the director and these were all people I really wanted to work with and I went, oh, wow, great, tell them to send the script and I read the script and then I will say yes. And they sent me the script and I read the script and it was the worst piece of junk that I've ever read. [laughs]

Todd: And you had to do it?

Steven: I got on the phone with my people and I was like, well, and we were all the same, we were just like, well, the script is really terrible but we decided to do it because of the people involved and I had a great time working with them but it was, you know, if the script is bad, there is nothing you can do

Tyler: How was…

Steven: When I saw the movie I thought, if you had read the script you would say, how did these actors ever manage to do this well with this script. If you hadn't read the script, you go, this movie sucks.

Tyler: [laughs]

Todd: You're gonna make us guess, aren't you?

Steven: I won't tell you what the title was. You tell me what you guess.

Todd: Well, I actually, I just circled Jason goes to hell, the final Friday

Steven: That was the first one. And I suppose that should be the one I'm least proud of

Todd: You die at the end?

Steven: At the time it was kind a special thing because I was, I had gone to L.A. and things were, from New York where I had been doing really well and things were really rocky in L.A. and I actually thought about leaving the business for a little while. And then I, I met these people who were doing this horror film. And we actually really hit it off in the audition they had a real sense of humor about it and I thought that was really, that was really cool and I remember sitting on the, on the set the first day, you know, just you know, covered in blood …

Todd: Yeah

Tyler: [laughs]

Steven: … but and thinking and I'm just feeling like I love being on the set, I love being an actor and this is, this is where I wanna be and actually there was an element of a sort of play to it. It was doing, it was like playing Cowboy and Indians again as a kid and it just it, it kind of reinvigorated me. The movie itself, ehm, you know…

Todd: I never saw it

Steven: … once it got the final cut, I mean, they just, you know, they cut out all this humor and they cut, they added a whole bunch, they added even more gratuitous violence and eh

Todd: Do you die?

Steven: Well, I, I sort of become Jason

Todd: Oh, you do?

Steven: I become like the indestructible terminator.

Todd: Oh, I did not know that. I did not know that. I will go back and check that.

Steven: And it's the kind of movie that I will never do again.

Todd: Oh yeah, I can't... Baywatch Nights had to suck.

Steven: That was a great gig!

Todd: Ok, there you go. [laughs]

Tyler: [laughs]

Steven: No, it was really. It was, I mean, I said the same thing. My manager said, you know Steve, there is this part on Baywatch Nights and I went, you know, I went, oh, hit me.

Tyler: [laughs]

Steven: But I read the script and it was [laughs] actually, it was this great kind of psychotic character

Todd: Ok.

Steven: and the episode was pretty much about him.

Todd: Oh, ok.

Steven: And it was one of the, you know, I mean, it was not a very good show, but it actually was a, was a great character to do. And I, I, I actually enjoyed myself.

Todd: We'll check it out

Steven: David Hasselhoff is very very tall.

Todd: I got no problem with him. You know. He is obvious, he has his own problems right now but I always thought that he was …

Steven: He was a really cool guy.

Todd: … decent guy yeah. Ahh, the show is called Travelers and

Steven: Traveler

Todd: Traveler

Steven: and it comes on May 30th. They are gonna run the pilot episode again at 9 pm and then the next episode which I've seen and it's really really good …

Todd: I'm gonna check it out.

Steven: … will be airing in the regular time slot at 10 pm on May 30th, so.

Tyler: Sounds very interesting, Steven Culp.

Todd: on ABC

Steven: Yeah.

Todd: Thanks Steven, appreciate it, good luck.

Steven: Ok, thank you very much.

Tyler: Thanks for your time, Steven Culp, Traveler next Wednesday 8 o'clock our time.

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