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Starburst Special #64

September 2004

Star Trek: Dominic Keating
"Harbinger, I thought, was a terrific episode all-around. I thought that the dynamic they'd set up between me and Major Hayes (Steven Culp) really found its feet as it were, and came to a real dramatic impact.

It was a very character-driven episode for Malcom, and I had a lot of time with the camera just watching his reaction to things around him and internalizing it. And I was happy with my performance.

And the big fight scene was pretty special. I'd never done any fighting of that type before. We rehearsed for about four hours the day before and then it took a day and a half to shoot it. I think we nailed it."

Excerpt from a Transcript from a Chat with Dominic Keating (©
February 11, 2004
Guest: I understand that you have a fight scene in Harbinger airing this evening, can you divulge a bit about it?

Dominic Keating: It is tonight! I do a big fight, with the Major! [Steven Culp as "Major Hayes."] And I get a couple of good blows to him as I remember. And well deserved, I might add! It's a good fight. The editor of the show said it was pretty much the most electrifying fight sequence he's ever worked on.

ensignPGM: Hello Mr. Keating, I'm a UK fan and I really enjoy the show. What's your favourite Enterprise episode so far and in Harbinger, did you have to do any special training for your punch-up with Steven Culp?

Dominic Keating: Yeah, we did, the day before, we spent a few hours in a crash course in martial arts moves and basic fight blocking. Anthony [Montgomery] is trained in ju-jitsu, so he was already ahead of the game. I had had some experience prior to that, but mostly I was just faking it. For U.K. fans, I'd get the green light on faking it.

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