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The Men of Desperate Housewives: Steven Culp

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March 13 - 19, 2005

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Steven Culp (Rex)

Age: 48

Status: Married to costume designer Barbara Ayers. Father of 3-year-old twins Joe and Katie.

Plays: Rex Van De Camp, Bree's once cheating husband who, as it turns out, enjoys a little spanking in the bedroom.

How he's like Rex: "In a lot of ways, Rex's life is like a distorted fun house mirror of my life. I've been married a long time, devoted to my family, etc..," explains Culp. "I had to tap into his repression and his guilt, and since I [was raised] a WASP and a Catholic, I can't not be repressed."

What the shows taught him: "It deepened my understanding of relationships," he says. "[The show] made me aware of how you can project your insecurities onto other people and make it their fault."

Which housewive he's hot for: "My wife is somewhere between Bree and Lynette, so that's somebody I would gravitate to."

Sexiest actress on the set: "Marcia is the one I deal with, so of course your wife is the sexiest woman on the planet!"

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