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May 1, 2005

Thanks AD! :-)

Is Rex Van De Kamp on "Desperate Housewives" played by the same actor who played Webb on "JAG?"
Skeets Zwiebel, Elkhorn, Wis.
Yes. We're talking about Steven Culp (no relation to "I Spy's" Robert), who, while on JAG last season, also had roles on "The West Wing," "ER" and "Star Trek: Enterprise." Did he ever feel guilty about taking "all" those parts? "I'd had enough downtime," he says with a laugh. Actually, Culp, 49, has never had a problem getting steady work. He's happy to be part of a fresh hit like "Housewives" nonetheless. Its appeal? "Something about each of the characters resonates with people," says the married dad of 3-year-old twins. "With the Bree-and-Rex relationship, at the bottom is: 'How do you keep love alive?'"

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