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Stylish 'Traveler'

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May 10, 2007

By Jay Handelman

The new ABC series "Traveler" couldn't ask for a better lead-in than it gets tonight by following the season's second-to-last episode of the top-rated series "Grey's Anatomy." Of course, that was true for previous 10 p.m. Thursday occupants "Six Degrees" and the unwatchable "October Road."

At least with "Traveler," ABC has a series that may actually be worth watching. It's a serialized drama, which may work against it, but it starts off with a bang telling a story of two college buddies who quickly become terrorism suspects in the bombing of a New York City museum.

As part of a summer tour around the country, they get involved in a prank to rollerblade through the museum, get chased by security guards and escape just seconds before the building blows up. A third friend, who encouraged the prank, disappears. Did he set them up? Was he a pawn in some big terrorist plot? Did he die in the blast? How come there are no official records of his existence?

There are a lot of questions asked and waiting to be answered, which could keep viewers interested at least until the show returns on May 30 for a brief summer run. I'm certainly curious to see what happens.

Matthew Bomer and Logan Marshall-Green play the two suspects and Aaron Stanford is the increasingly mysterious friend. Steven Culp, who used to play Rex Van De Kamp on "Desperate Housewives" plays the FBI agent trying to find the two men who go on the run. And he seems pretty suspicious himself. William Sadler plays Marshall-Green's father, who had some trouble himself with the government in the past.

You can't fully judge a new show by one episode, but there's enough to grab your attention in this preview episode of "Traveler" to make you tune in again.

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