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TV Blog: Traveler

"You've Got to See the World Before You Can Change It"

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May 11, 2007

By Casey Marsella

I really liked this show. And lately, television and I have not been getting along. Just last week I decided to break up with "Grey's Anatomy". This was a big step for me, because "Grey's" and I have been together since the beginning. But I've decided to move on… and I'd like you to meet my new love interest: "Traveler". Every time I try to explain this show to my friends and family I find myself calling it "The Traveler," but nope! It's just Traveler.

My infatuation for "Traveler" began the moment Jay spoke the words, "My father died, because someone in the government betrayed him. That didn't make me hate my country — it made me want to fix it." That line took my breath away and I instantly fell in love with the lead character Jay Burchell (the oh-so-cute Matthew Bomer). I know he's got a trusting and sympathetic girlfriend, Kim (Pascale Hutton), but a girl can dream.

I barely noticed "Will Traveler" (Aaron Stanford). I don't think he's dead (by the way, it seemed like everyone was wearing a blue track jacket tonight). He's a sneaky guy, and what's with the video camera? He never had his picture taken, but he definitely wanted a lot of footage of my boys. And even though Jay ignored his gut instinct not to play a prank, I still like the guy. Boys will be boys and rollerblading through a museum is hardly a crime. "Until" the building you rollerbladed through — while being chased by security — blows up. Then there's a problem.

I've also decided that anyone who lifts a finger for me at a hotel is getting a "huge" tip! There was something about the hotel porter (Billy Mayo) that made me rethink his role. He seemed like a cool cat when he asked Jay and Tyler (Logan Marshall-Green) about their road-trip plans. Then he saved them from the feds. "Twice". Obviously, he is going to be a big part of this show. He knows more about the situation than anyone else.

Tyler isn't exactly my favorite character, but I'll blame his father, Carlton Fog. I do "not" trust him. I don't care how much money you have, no parent could be that calm after hearing that their son is a suspect in a bombing and has been dubbed a terrorist. The man is trouble and the previews for the May 30 episode prove it.

I used to watch "Desperate Housewives" too (I ended it last year). I was upset when they killed off Bree's husband, Rex. But I'm glad to see Steven Culp in a new series and a very different role. I was impressed by the federal agents: Fred Chambers (Steven Culp) and Jan Marlow (Viola Davis). Chambers isn't exactly on Jay and Tyler's side, but he's doing his job. Marlow gave me goosebumps when she said Jay "panicked, but his speech pattern didn't show that he was lying." She believes some part of Jay's story and he'll need her faith to prove his innocence. By the way, that woman can run! She must have chased Tyler through and above six different buildings. After Tyler dropped his bag, I would have stopped on the fire escape to check it for water. Or perhaps some travel mix? I love that salty/sweet mix.

So, now that you've met my "new" show, please let me know what you think. My friends enjoyed hanging out and watching "Traveler," and my parents loved it! It's official — our next date is May 30.

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