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TV Blog: 'Traveler': New Haven

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June 7, 2007

By Casey Marsella

Will (Aaron Stanford) is alive. I think we all knew the well-done corpse left behind in the Drexler was not him. Not only did he survive the blast, he also had time to grab a few rare paintings before he skipped out. I figured the bombing was meant to be a distraction in order to steal artwork. I'm hoping the Feds eventually figure it out. I don't think the bombing will be considered a terrorist attack once priceless artwork is thrown into the equation, but if I'm not mistaken, the prized artwork "was" a part of the U.S. president's personal collection.

Once again Kim (Pascale Hutton) was the heroine of the episode. I knew the pictures were gone once she bumped into that man. The pickpocket scheme was so well executed. It shows that Kim has been followed and watched all along. Whoever set up Jay (Matthew Bomer) and Tyler has thought everything through. Right down to storage boxes in an ex-girlfriend's basement. How crazy was it that the floor plans to the Drexler, anti-government essays and chemistry notes for bombs were all planted in Jay's stuff? And whoever planted the faux documents also had time to create boxes full of documents and notes in Tyler's "handwriting" as well. That blew me away!

Nel (Bree Turner), the ex, seems sketchy to me. I know she helped Tyler and Jay burn the evidence and escape, but the flashback left me uneasy. I have no idea why a college guy would want to interrupt his make-out session (in the basement library no less — "so" romantic) to say hi to a friend; "but" Nel was adamant about keeping Tyler's attention and not disturbing Will. She said Will always gave her the creeps, but I still don't trust her. She's not Kim.

I was happy to see Tyler (Logan Marshall-Green) using his head. The flashbacks are very helpful in this series. And the moments remembered are simple but important. Will hid $10,000, a train schedule (with some sort of code) and a gun in the library basement. I'm sure he meant to go back and claim it, but it may have been too risky. Besides, he has priceless artwork under his belt now. I'm not sure if it will sell right away, because it is so well-known and "supposed" to be ashes, but if it does sell, it could help Will afford a safe getaway.

As always, I enjoyed Agent Marlow (Viola Davis) in this episode. She isn't afraid to stand up to her boss (Steven Culp) and she still has faith that Jay and Tyler are innocent. It was also refreshing to see her partner, agent Guillermo Borjes (Anthony Ruivivar), agree with her. I hope her correct "hutch" that our boys went south will shed a more confident light on her.

Ellington's mysterious murder is another framed-crime to add to Jay and Tyler's rap sheet. Also, Tyler's father (William Sadler) knows how to work the media to his advantage. He must have known his son escaped and might be listening to the news, because he milked the media to broadcast his "love" and belief of innocence for his son. I'm sure the Homeland Security guy had something to do with that. And where has The Porter (Billy Mayo) been? He helped our boys a great deal in the first episode, but he's been MIA since. One thing's for sure, next week we meet someone who "knew" (or knows) Will Traveler... let's hope she's on Jay and Tyler's side.

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