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TV Blog: 'Traveler': The Out

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June 14, 2007

By Casey Marsella

I don't know where to begin. Let's start with our favorite backstabbing friend, Will Traveler (Aaron Stanford). Or is it Daniel Taft? Either way, we now know that "Traveler" (that will be his alias in this blog until further notice) was supposed to let the bomb go off while Jay and Tyler were still in the building, but his conscience got the best of him and he coaxed the roller-skating stunt to save them. And "that" was just the preview for next week!

Backtracking to the beginning, the Porter (Billy Mayo) returned and he is not a nice guy. Sure, he's saved Jay and Tyler's lives a few times, but he also shot a guy at point-blank rage with no hesitation. That freaked me out a little. I'm still on the fence about him. I know he wants Traveler — whom he shot in the leg — but he's also keeping an eye on Jay and Tyler. Does he care if they live or die? He didn't try to save them from the explosion on the boat, but then again, the guy who set the bomb was still waiting to make sure it exploded, so maybe the Porter felt helpless.

Kim was thrown in jail because she roughed up a photographer. I didn't know they actually threw twentysomething women in the slammer for defending their privacy. Maybe she should have run him over with a car instead, that always seems to work for the young Hollywood starlets.

We met Maya (Sonja Bennett), Traveler's girlfriend. She owns a bookstore and works for the same people Traveler did. She offered a little information about Traveler, stating that he genuinely liked Jay and Tyler and frequently talked about them. She also mentioned that the boat was Traveler's and it was for the two of them to escape. It seems that Traveler thought he was working for the government and doing a good thing for his country by blowing up the Drexler. I have no idea what the key will be used for; it looked antique. I don't think it's a door key; perhaps it will open some type of box or trunk.

There are a lot of people after Traveler... the people who hired him, the people against the people who hired him, Jay and Tyler, and anyone who thinks Jay and Tyler are innocent. It almost makes you feel bad for the guy. "Almost."

There were a few other story lines that were touched on here and there. Marlow's last discretion was mentioned. We met Jay's mother, whom he is not on good terms with. Maya was captured by someone. And Traveler is a lot better-looking with a haircut!

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