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TV Blog: 'Traveler': The Tells

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June 21, 2007

By Casey Marsella

And the award for best episode in summer television goes to: "Traveler," June 20, 2007. Take "that" reality television!

"Holy s---." That's all I kept thinking through this entire episode. It was all about Traveler (do we like "Traveler" or should I call him "Will"? I can't make up my mind). We had fights, deaths, explosions and even a little humor. First, there was the key. Was that guy Benedict supposed to be Benjamin Franklin? The actors here in Philadelphia look much more convincing. But who am I to judge? He helped Jay and Tyler, so he's cool with me. The key led us to a lot of information about our friend Traveler (Aaron Stanford). In fact, it led us to about ten different Traveler aliases. Along with a gun, money and extra information regarding Traveler's mission (the checks).

The Porter made a nice cameo. He shot Traveler with a tracking device last week, but it didn't last. The device was cut out of Traveler's leg and disposed of along the roadside. But somehow the people Traveler once worked for knew how to set a trap, and the Porter was left behind by Jay and Tyler in a shoot-out. I'm sure he survived.

A nagging question: How old is Traveler? The guy has expertise in explosives, combat fighting, secret identities and a whole bunch of other technical secret-agent government stuff. He broke a man's neck with a jacket! That was proof enough for me that he is not the average graduate student who got paid off to blow up a building. So, when did he get this training? He asked to be assigned to the Drexler job two years prior. Traveler is obviously in his twenties, but I think he'd need some college education to be considered for this. And I'm not just speaking of the Drexler. He had passports from all over the world. He's been around. This couldn't have been his first assignment. Did he start fresh out of high school or does the government grab the talented and gifted ones at an early age?

There was no Kim in this episode, but our other heroine, Agent Marlow (Viola Davis), took the spotlight. She has always believed there was a "Will Traveler" and she finally got proof. Everything was explained to us. I really like how the flashbacks are tied into the story. We aren't left confused in any way. As Marlow finds the identity of the body, Traveler is being interrogated by Kate (a coworker of some sort). Traveler explained exactly what happened at the scene of the bomb. "That" was entertainment television. Again, he broke a man's neck with a jacket!

I'm so happy Kate died. I know I sound like an compassionless, blogging jerk, but I really didn't see that coming! I thought she'd stick around for a few more episodes; maybe sleep around like a Bond-girl-turned-villain, but no. Traveler put those predictions to rest. "Never let it get personal." And if you come across someone who let it get personal, and you kill his girlfriend, you're going to die, too. So, for future reference to my readers: "Stay out of people's relationships". It never works out well for the third party. And sadly, it didn't work out for Maya (Sonja Bennett) either. Traveler's revenge for Maya will not stop at Kate. He set up the car in the airport parking lot and I'm sure there is more to come... by the way, there were no previews of what Traveler will do next, so have no fear hate-on-preview-watchers! I will not ruin next week's episode for you. Instead, I will ask and answer my own Traveler questions:

— Is Maya really dead? If so, I hope ABC gets her another job. If not, I think she faked the death tape and is working against Traveler. But most likely she's dead.

— Was Agent Chambers' (Steven Culp) compliment to Marlow really sincere? I can't say that I don't trust him, but he is such an arrogant idiot, it pains me to watch him.

— Who is Joseph? Honestly, I don't care who he is right now. He's the boss and that's all I need know.

— Oh and can we get some better disguises? I know, I know... you have all been commenting for weeks about Jay and Tyler's poor attempt to conceal themselves. I had been hoping for something so I wouldn't have to mention it. They are both good-looking guys and I am all for the shaggy hair look, but "seriously"? A Cubs baseball cap? That wasn't even funny. Cut your hair, grow some facial hair and buy a Red Sox jersey!

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