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Traveler: An Action-Packed Adrenaline Rush

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June 22, 2007

By Frederic Germay

"An action-packed adrenaline rush." These are the words ABC is using to describe their newest drama, and these words pretty much sum up this highly entertaining thriller. "Traveler" is jam-packed with edge-of-your-seat "24"-esque action, and the story line seems very promising. Seeing as this new program is only a few episodes into its season, its not too late to get hooked on this thrill ride. Sadly, this show has all the ingredients for cancellation -- great dialogue, gripping action sequences, a wonderfully mystifying storyline…

Just in case you are unfamiliar with the budding series, "Traveler" is about two guys on the run from the law. Tyler Fog and Jay Burchell are being accused of the Drexler Museum bombing, and all the evidence points in the direction of them being guilty. Their residences are filled with anti-government materiel, their familial history provides adequate justification for some kind of vendetta against the government, and even their education background makes it clear that they certainly could be capable of making a bomb. Even a video of Tyler Fog has surfaced on the Internet, in which he makes his stance against the President very clear.

However, the boys happen to be innocent. Their best friend, a guy named Will Traveler, befriended them for two years, and unbeknownst to them, created an intricate trail of evidence that would end up incriminating Tyler and Jay. He planted false documents in their house, and he spent countless hours filming all their endeavors, which allowed him to create the video with Tyler raving against the government. Just a few minutes before the Drexler bombing, Will called Tyler and Jay and apologized…and then the building exploded.

After the bombing, Jay and Tyler have been at the center of the nationwide manhunt. Despite Jay and Tyler's insistent claims of being set up by Will, the FBI has been unable to locate any information about Traveler. Will Traveler was very careful not to let anyone ever get to take a picture of him, and he apparently covered his tracks very well.

Jay and Tyler, while on the run, have been nearly assassinated by various individuals. They now know that they are at the center of some kind of dangerous conspiracy, and they are hot on the trail of Traveler. In the last episode, the two guys finally caught up with Traveler only moments before he was immediately abducted. Although these boys seems to have an ally who appears to be deep into the conspiracy himself, this unknown 'friend' may be more danger than help.

I really hope that this show stays on the air, but I have begun to lose hope in that department. While shows like "Daybreak," "Vanished," "Drive," "Black Donnellys" fade into nothingness, wretched creations like "Til' Death," and "According to Jim" continue to live. Hopefully ABC will find a place in their heart to keep "Traveler," but after they axed "Daybreak," anything is possible…

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