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TV Blog: 'Traveler': The Trader

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June 28, 2007

By Casey Marsella

There were some new characters introduced. All of which were either thrown through a window, tied up or shot. It was awesome! I tried to follow attentively, but ABC's local news interrupted the show many times to inform me that a major thunderstorm was headed my way. So, I apologize in advance if I missed anything really important and worth mentioning. Now, on to the blog....

Tyler Fog (Logan Marshall-Green) "used" to take a backseat to Jay (Matthew Bomer). I'll repeat: used to. Tyler not only went against his best friend, but he also confronted his father. Tyler knew his father had betrayed him. He had proof dating back to the day he was financially cut off. But he wanted to ask him in person. I wanted to jump through the television screen and beat the crap out of Carlton Fog (William Sadler). Who sacrifices his son for money? Or as Carlton Fog puts it: security for his family. Minus one.

We are beginning to lack sidekicks and wingmen on this show. Tyler stepped up and took control. Agents Borjes (Anthony Ruivivar) and Marlow (Viola Davis) are both doing their own thing. And Traveler (Aaron Stanford) is unemployed and kicking everyone's ass. Did I miss anyone?

For the record, I do "not" think Agent Chambers (Steven Culp) is a bad guy. The arrogant jerks of television never seem to be cool enough to be "bad." Chambers wants to solve this case. As we saw in the first minute, he has been roughed up in the line of fire. Maybe this is his chance to get back in the game. Solving a "terrorist" attack would definitely get him an invite to George Dubb-Ya's house for some grub and a handshake.

I loved Borjes (with help from forensics) finding the fingerprint on the guard's body. It was "so" CSI of them! He is getting more and more show time and I like it. Marlow finally got a clear image of Will Traveler's face. This doesn't necessarily help Jay and Tyler. It proves that they were telling the truth about their missing friend; but to the Feds that means third accomplice.

ABC News was right. It's raining buckets and my power just went out! Lucky for all of you — I hit "save" before it happened!

So, Marlow now has proof that Will Traveler exists from the security camera and Kim's drawing (By the way, I'm starting to miss Kim [Pascale Hutton]. Where has she been?). Marlow has always believed that there is some truth to Jay and Tyler's story. The image of Traveler increases her faith in their innocence.

And I saved the best for last: fight scenes. I know, I know: "Didn't anyone hear the gunshot in the park?" Duh. It's television. That was the best scene of the entire night — so I do not care that no one saw the fight, heard the shot or noticed that the dude she was "married" to looked like a pedophile. I'll just go with it. Traveler is becoming very likeable. Sure, he blew up a building, but in some screwball way, that is what the government (Jack from D.C.) hired him to do. He didn't want to kill his friends, so he changed the plans. If he "had" done everything the right way, we wouldn't have an awesome show to watch!

There will "not" be a new episode next week. I know you will all miss me (and the show). It's the Fourth of July and I'll be on vacation. ABC must have known I'd be at the shore with no Internet access. That is so sweet of them.... "Traveler" returns on July 11 — see you then.

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