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TV Blog: 'Traveler': The Reunion

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July 12, 2007

By Casey Marsella

On Sunday while vactioning, I was informed by a stranger that "Traveler" had been cancelled. I freaked out. He then looked at me and said, "Didn't you say you "worked" for TV Guide?" I was a bit embarrassed. I go out of town for one week and my whole world changes!

Apparently ABC has let the actors' contracts lapse. Basically this means the show will not return, but ABC will air its finale next week. And since this is "my" blog, I am just going to say it: The ABC executives who made this decision are ignorant. There are many different forms of ignorance, but in this case it's simply blind stupidity. Does that make sense? I made it up and I like it.

For more details, check out "Traveler" writer/producer David DiGilio's blog. He explains it much better and nicer than I do. I just don't get it. I've previewed a few of the new pilots that will air this fall and it doesn't look good for the networks. Why let a great show like "Traveler" go? Of course, it wasn't a multiple-seasons show, but it would have made a nice 22-episode DVD gift set.

Moving on to tonight's episode. It was slow at first. However, I won't criticize, because I'm sure there was "supposed" to be more to this story.

I don't trust Agent Marlow anymore. In fact, I don't trust anyone in the FBI — on TV or in real life. So, I should have known this from the beginning, but Viola Davis is so good, she convinced me otherwise. I could be wrong, but she was too secretive in this episode. Before, I thought she was keeping information to help her reputation and Jay and Tyler, but now I think she's a "dirty" agent. Did I make that up, too?

This was a "sexy" episode. Both Jay (Matthew Bomer) and Tyler (Logan Marshall-Green) got some lovin'. Personally, I didn't think it fit. Why do TV shows always have to deal the gratuitous-sex card? The show didn't need it. The action (and by "action," I mean explosions and fights) is entertaining enough. Plus, they didn't even show anything! It's a 10 pm show, the kiddies should be in bed (even if it is summer). If you're going to draw the sex-sells card, you might as well play it. Anyway, Kim (Pascale Hutton) and Jay reunited and now she is an accomplice. Kudos for the power-outage trick at the club. I didn't know they taught that to art majors, but she's one smart cookie.

The best scene in the show was Will (Aaron Stanford) in the alley with the tattoo dude. Will let him live, but then tattoo guy said, "Your girl Mary would have appreciated that." "Bang"! "Her name was "Maya"." Bye tattoo dude. (I could "so" write a TV script.)

I'm really enjoying the personality twists. Jay breaks into hotel rooms. Tyler is such a badass now. And then Kim just walks into clubs wearing a sweater. (Seriously, of all the unbelievable things people comment on in this show, I am the vain girl who thought, "No way would a bouncer let her cut in line wearing that!")

It was a decent episode. The ending was great when Will showed up, but how did he know they were there? I don't want things to be rushed through. Of course, Jay could just go to CNN or YouTube with the audio chip and evidence — but then there wouldn't be a show. Oh, wait... there really isn't a show anymore. I'm just hoping next week will give us closure.

Sorry for all of my sarcasm. I need another vacation. Last week was way too much fun.

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