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TV Blog: 'Traveler': The Exchange

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July 19, 2007

By Casey Marsella

This may have been the worst breakup I've ever had. I began this blog with the hopes that "Traveler" would survive the bad decisions of network executives and continue to have a great story line. And although its great story line continued, it did not survive the network ax....

I hate ending relationships with no closure. I was left hoping that ABC had extended the episode to 75 minutes, and then the 11 o'clock news came on. What happened?

The episode seemed rushed and unfulfilled. We were shown so much in one hour, but the content wasn't nearly as entertaining as the other seven episodes. There were also more commercials tonight than any other Wednesday before. Usually we get two to three bathroom/snack breaks, but tonight we could have finished laundry and taken out the dog.

First, the Trio known as Jay, Tyler and Will, escape the FBI. Will (Aaron Stanford) was shot, Marlow (Viola Davis) was pulled off the case and Kim (Pascale Hutton)was arrested. Then, we get to carpool with the Trio. Will's bullet wound isn't life threatening, so the boys chat for a little. Ultimately, they decide they need to find the painting. I know Jay (Matthew Bomer) and Tyler (Logan Marshall-Green) have mixed feelings towards Will. And Will is still heartbroken over Maya, but I couldn't feel the tension in the car. It seemed too rushed. Jay got a nice punch in before they got away, but I just couldn't sense the feelings of betrayal that had been so strong throughout the series.

I admit that I was a little off last week. I went as far as to say that Marlow could be the FBI rat. Of course, we were all correct from the beginning — it was Chambers (Steven Culp). He gave the order for Joseph to kill Marlow (next time I am in a gunfight, I will make sure I am surrounded by thin walls) and he murdered Borjes. It looked like Carlton Fog (William Sadler) survived. I guess we'll never know. I was sad to see Agent Borjes (Anthony Ruivivar) die, especially since I know that Marlow "also" didn't have closure. I hate this feeling.

Will made it clear that the only way they could get to Jack Freed (Neal McDonough) was to promise him the painting. I doubt the painting would have still been in the SUV even if it was well hidden. Those boys were thought to have been terrorists. The SUV would have been in FBI/government possession for months, if not years. But on TV, it was searched and sent to the FBI impound. I wonder how much it will go for in the public auction. Any bids?

When the Trio and Jack Freed met, the old "hide a recorder in the pipes overhead" trick was pulled. "Again," it all seemed rushed. I doubt that scene was the original plan for the show, but the writers had to make it work somehow. There was also a lot of talk about the 4th Branch. Apparently, Jay's dad's service for the country and the sacrifice of Tyler was a part of it. I don't know if the fathers "knew" about the 4th Branch or if Freed was using them as patriotic symbols or if he was lying. I guess we'll never know. Was Jack Freed in the limo? If so, he worked for a person far more powerful than himself. Who would that person be? All this is happening while Marlow realizes Chambers tried to have her killed and Kim is being taken to... be killed? Kim was arrested, but instead of going to jail, she was taken to an undisclosed area. Did she survive?

I commend David DiGilio and his amazing cast and crew for creating a great summer-entertainment show. It isn't easy to start a show once school's out. Especially, when it airs after reality shows about impersonators and inventors. I personally thought the show did fairly well for its first run. And if you read David's Q&A blog, you'll find that he makes some very important points about giving TV shows time to "grow an audience." "Traveler" was originally supposed to be 13 episodes but was shortened to eight. In the end the show's fans suffered. We "still" have questions and we "still" want to see more. We're not ready for the show to end.

Hopefully David will be able to give us some closure in his next blog. Perhaps ABC will have a change of heart and pull a "Jericho" (doubtful). But until then, thanks for reading and have a great summer with those reality shows!

Oh, wait! Closure: What the hell happened to the Porter (Billy Mayo)?!?!

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