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Steven Culp, Holly Twyford, Tracy Lynn Middendorf Are Old Friends in DC

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April 15, 2011

By Kenneth Jones

Artistic director Michael Kahn will direct The Shakespeare Theatre Company's new production of Harold Pinter's enigmatic "Old Times", to run May 17-July 3 at STC's Lansburgh Theatre in Washington, DC. This is STC's first production of a play by Nobel Laureate Pinter.

"Memory and reality collide in "Old Times", as three friends recall their relationship from 20 years prior," according to STC. "What do their memories tell us and which interpretation of the past do we believe? "Old Times" is an intimate and highly-charged exploration of whether we can truly know another person, or even ourselves."

This production marks the STC debut of all three cast members: Holly Twyford as Anna, Steven Culp as Deeley and Tracy Lynn Middendorf as Kate.

Kahn chose this play because he felt that, according to production notes, "Pinter's work belongs in a theatre devoted to the classics because of his brilliant use of language. It is one of Harold Pinter's masterpieces. It's not well-known, but it's an extraordinary play that explores, in Pinteresque fashion, power in a relationship."

The "Old Times" design team includes scenic designer Walt Spangler, lighting designer Scott Zielinski, costume designer Jane Greenwood and sound designer Martin Desjardins.

For tickets and more information, call (202) 547-1122 or visit

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