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Desperate Housewives - Finishing the Hat

Series Finale of "Desperate Housewives"

Forty-eight characters have been killed on Desperate Housewives since the ABC soap premiered on October 3, 2004.

During Desperate Housewives' series finale on May 13, 2012, Teri Hatcher's Susan Delfino took one final drive down Wisteria Lane, where she was surrounded by memories of her deceased neighbors.

"As Susan left her driveway, she had a feeling shed was being watched. And she was," her old friend Mary Alice Young (Brenda Strong) narrated. "The ghosts of people who had been a part of Wisteria Lane were gazing upon her as she passed. They watched her as they watch everyone, always hoping the living could learn to put aside rage and sorrow, bitterness and regret. These ghosts watch, wanting people to remember that even the most desperate life, is oh so wonderful."

The touching scene included, among others, Mike Delfino (James Denton), Karl Mayer (Richard Burgi), Karen McCluskey (Kathryn Joosten), Rex Van de Kamp (Steven Culp), George Williams (Roger Bart), Juanita "Mama" Solis (Lupe Ontiveros), Beth Young (Emily Bergl), Martha Huber (Christine Estabrook).
They all returned to Desperate Housewives one final time before the show's end.

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