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Guest Book #2

Thanks to everyone who left an entry!

Name: Kim
Comment: Nice screen caps from 13 Days. Its nice to see them all. Thank you for taking the time to post them all.
Name: Grace
Location: chicago
Comment: I just discovered this site... what an adorable picture on the front page
Name: Ulia
Location: Russia
Comment: Steven, you are the best actor ever!!! Love you! Yulia, from Russia!
Comment: There are some new pics of Steven at a shoot for a play that he did over the weekend. Look pretty good!
Name: andy
Location: china
Comment: what you are doing is what i just want to know .love you forever
Name: Miranda
Location: Charleston SC
Comment: Steven is so cute and I cant wait to see him on Privileged again. This site rocks, thanks for all the pictures to drool over!
Name: Kate
Location: England
Comment: This is an awesome site. Its so great to be able to keep up to date with what Steven is doing and to look at all the screencaps and vids. What a talented actor, hes amazing in every part he plays. So cute, and that voice just makes me melt!
Name: Nancy
Location: CA, USA
Comment: I love the new captures of Steven on Privileged. They are great! I wish you a Happy Birthday, Anja. :)
Name: rose
Location: Pennsylvania
URL: Yahoo! 360° Faith & Fortitude
Comment: Great way in which to usher out 2008 and welcome the intrigue of 2009.
Comment: I cant wait to see From Within and Leaving Barstow! I love Steven and his acting. He is so darn cute!
Comment: Im so excited to see him on DH again! Hes so cute!
Name: Cindy Clark
Location: Muscle Shoals, Alabama
Comment: Happy Birthday, Steven and may you have a long, happy and healthy life filled with love!! Big Hugs, Cindy (Granddaughter of NASA Engineer Hubert Kennedy).
Name: Barbara
Location: NYC
Comment: Oh you make it so nice for a girl to dream. Keep up the good work.
Comment: are captures from Eli Stone ever going to be on the site? just wondering.
Name: Brenda Pearlstein
Location: Massachusetts
Comment: Do you remember Brandeis?
Name: rose
Location: PA USA
URL: webb_ies
Comment: Your cap-selections depict SCs raw emotions. Thank you for sharing your talent as you show us Stevens skills in your great captures. Excellent work, Anja.
Comment: big fan of this guy for three years.Keep up the good work Steven!
Name: Vicki
Location: Mountain View, CA
Comment: Thanks for all the hard work everyone does to keep the rest of us up to date! Steven Culp is a very talented, versatile actor and Ive enjoyed all of his performances. (I would like him to do more good guy roles - even though I know the bad guys are more f
Name: Nico
Location: Germany
Comment: GREAT Website!!! amazing how many good informations on that site and how much work must be in that site! I like the Steven Culp pic with the beard ;-) Keep going like that!!!
Name: John Jack Phillips
Location: Ft. Lauderdale
Comment: Steve: Just realized you are the W&M troubadour that I knew way back when, and the Webb character that jumped out at me after watching JAG with my 12 year old daughter! Belated congrats. If ever in Lauderdale, I own the oldest pub in Broward County.
Name: Jean
Location: Scotland
Comment: Without a doubt, one of the best fan sites Ive seen. Congratulations, Anja!
Name: Polly
Location: CA
Comment: I was an SC fan back in the JAG days, and this site provided some great flashbacks - and got me interested in what hes up to these days!
Name: rose
Location: Pennsylvania
Comment: Your How to make A Monster caps show Steven Culps great facial and body language. Thanks, Anja, for your site dedicated to showcasing this gentlemans skills.
Name: rose
Location: usa
Comment: Wow! seems inadequate. But no other word expresses the same feeling as Wow! No other actor possesses the vibrant body language as does Steven Culp. Thanks for your terrific site and for allowing us to share your skills and generosity.
Name: gregg
Location: az
Comment: hey steve, hope Traveler returns. Thats one great show.
Name: N/A
Comment: Steven Culp, you are a talented actor so please do more movies!!!
Name: Amy
Location: Indiana
Email: actingjunkie[at]
Comment: Terrific site! The screencaps, news articles, reviews and layout are great. The Traveler second episode caps were up so! Thanks! Oh - Steven is fantastic too. ;-)
Name: Ann
Location: Czech Republic
Comment: Hi,Steven. My englisch isn´t good,I hope that it you understand.I writte from Czech Republic.Your site is very great.My favorite character was Rex from DH and old Clay. New Clay was nice, but it wasn´t that. I respect people as you are.

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