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Guest Book #3

Thanks to everyone who left an entry!

Date: 02.12.13 21:40 (IP:
Name: Bailie
Comment: Thank you for posting that excellent B-day photo - good choice - what a good looking man he is! All I can say, Mr. Culp,is that you just keep getting better...hope your birthday and the coming year is wonderful for you and your family.
Date: 14.05.13 03:39 (IP:
Name: Bailie
Comment: this is an amazing site... you really have done an amazing job... thanks...
Answer: Thank you!
Date: 04.01.13 21:33 (IP:
Name: justagirlfromhungary
Comment: Hi Mr.Culp

(sorry for my bad english) I know you propably never will read this but give to myself a try.So it was hard to persuade myself to write you. I saw you a lot of movies from my childhood but i didn't realized you are all the same person.Finally found your name about a few months ago.
I have a list the things i want to do before i die.So my life absolutely went wrong so I decided to commit a suicide.One of them on the list is to meet you.But i know it's impossible because i don't have enought money to travel to the USA because i live in hungarian and there are a lot of other reasons too.So i tought i write to you.So I wish all the best for you,for your family and to your career.I hope you will be happy!And sorry for this idiot message...

And if you ever will read this: thank you...
Date: 02.01.13 21:08 (IP:
Name: badrul
Location: Malaysia
Comment: thanks soooo muuuchh....I am so happy looking at more captures of Steven Culp or famously known as Dr. Rex van der Kamp...I wish Rex will appear in a new TV series...I am really looking for that..
Date: 02.12.12 17:24 (IP:
Name: badrul
Comment: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I WISH YOU A VERY GOOD LUCK IN YOUR CAREER AND YOUR LIFE AND YOUR FAMILY... I can wait to see you again on TV or in a movie...and again
Date: 02.12.12 04:11 (IP:
Name: Stephanie
Location: Charlotte, NC
Comment: I have two Poems this year, a revision and retitling of last year's "Birthday Ode" as well as a new tribute. I hope you enjoy and have many, many more December's to come! Happy Birthday, Steven

Ode to a Bard

This Thespian a stage he commands
Her walls, the sound rebounds
To our ears, to our hearts, to our souls it penetrates
Seasoned, bold and daring is he, the road less traveled he taketh
Fortune and glory seek him not
For the experience to partake, his lead we should follow
Many more years to come to grace his path
Be it a journey to remember, not easy, not calm
Another year, blessed may he be


Steady as the mighty ZeuS
Artistic and yet munificienT
Gracious nature with culturE
Independence woven savVy
Topaz ignited an enduring firE
Tutor captivated with intuitioN
Archer's true aim banishes gliB
Refined manners ring altruistiC
Intrepid crowned magnanimoUs
Unwavering code blaze gratefuL
Sedulous seasons made sharP

(The second looks better on the Facebook page)
Date: 28.11.12 18:18 (IP:
Name: badrul
Location: Malaysia
Comment: I just watched Dark Matters... I do not fully understand the storyline... Can you explain it to me..tq..Anyway, I love Steven Culp (Dr Rex Van de Kamp)with grey hair at the sideburns. You look so fatherly with it.
Date: 10.11.12 08:43 (IP:
Name: badrul
Location: Malaysia
Comment: so nice to see u again in Grey's Anatomy.
Miss your smile soooo much...
Date: 20.10.12 19:39 (IP:
Name: badrul
Location: Malaysia
Comment: Oh là là..... I just watched Grey's Anatomy season 9 episode 3... and you look amazing...I love the way you laugh.. so cute... oh... i just like love it.. I'll always visit your website for the updates... see ya...
Date: 18.10.12 19:03 (IP:
Name: badrul
Location: Malaysia
Comment: I adore Steven Culp so much!!!...
First time I saw you in DH I wish I could see you in the show for the whole 8 seasons... You've gave us a super duper awesome performance... and the website...I love it...thank you so much for putting all the photos....I wish you all happy along with your career and your family...
Date: 03.09.12 19:14 (IP:
Name: Laura
Comment: Thanks so much for this site. I first became familiar with Steven Culp in the gripping movie Thirteen Days. Not having TV, I had no idea until someone recently suggested JAG DVDs as a (sorely needed) distraction that the same actor who so brilliantly depicted RFK also portrayed the irritating, amusing, and very interesting character Clayton Webb (at the same time, even!). Research to learn more about the actor who pulled this feat off led me here.

And thanks, Mr. Culp, for hours of entertainment. May you and the people you love all live long, fulfilled lives.
Date: 02.05.12 20:30 (IP:
Name: L.A. Theatre Works
Location: Los Angeles
Comment: Please post this on your site and add to your calender if possible!

Steven Culp joins the cast of L.A. Theatre Works' OPUS play May 17th - May 20th, 2012. As the world's premiere string quartet prepares for a White House performance, the lead violinist goes missing. Hiring a gifted young woman as a replacement, however, unleashes a maze of backstage maneuvering that tests loyalty, morality and the group's very passion for music itself. Culp takes on the role of second violinist 'Alan.' Visit our website for more info and tix to see the play!
Answer: Thank you for your entry and the information. :-)
Date: 13.02.12 02:02 (IP:
Name: Michele Grace
Location: New Jersey, USA
Comment: Hi! I've been visiting this site for a few months now, and have finally gotten the chance to say hello! Just wanted to say how much I appreciate your site -- it's beautifully done, and easy to navigate. I'd also like to express my deepest sympathies for the loss of your friend. It was very kind of Mr. Culp to write to you. Once again he's shown himself to be every bit as much a gentleman as he is a gifted actor!

Thank you for a wonderful site! And to Mr. Culp, I wish much continued success, and good health and happiness to him and his family!
Answer: Thank you for taking your time to comment on my site, Michele. I really appreciate your feedback. Also, thank you for your condolences. I hope you come back often and enjoy your time on it. Feel free to leave a comment as often as you like :-)
Date: 04.12.11 03:47 (IP:
Name: ro
Location: argentina
Comment: happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Date: 03.12.11 22:50 (IP:
Name: West
Location: Destin, FL
Comment: Happy Birthday Steven! And many, many more!
Date: 03.12.11 17:12 (IP:
Name: J
Comment: Happy Birthday Steven!!
Date: 30.11.11 21:18 (IP:
Name: Stephanie
Location: Charlotte, NC
Comment: A Birthday Ode

This Thespian a stage he commands
Her walls the sound rebounds
To our ears, to our hearts, to our
souls it penetrates
For he is seasoned, bold and daring, taking the road less traveled
It does not bring him fortune and glory
For the experience to partake, as we should all follow his lead
Many more years to come to grace his path
Be it a journey to remember, not easy, not calm
One year older, he may be blessed.
Happy Birthday Steven!!
Date: 17.10.11 02:03 (IP:
Name: Rose Burkhart
Comment: If a genie granted one wish, I'd want all of Steven's performances in one package. It would be a big pack because our favorite excellent actor portrayed so many varied-personalities and characters to perfection. Dvd's and CD's of TV, movie, stage, and radio, and yes, interviews and appearances of Steven and his wife, Barbara, who receives too little recognition for her creative designs.
Date: 14.10.11 06:43 (IP:
Name: Kim
Comment: Like the faq and other info. keep up the good work!
Date: 22.07.11 12:36 (IP:
Name: Julie
Comment: Thank you for this wonderful site! I visit it every day, and every time I find something new for myself! I really hope the site will continue to exist and to please all of us the news!

Thank you!

From Russia wiyh love
Date: 04.06.11 19:01 (IP:
Name: Stephanie
Location: Charlotte, NC
Comment: I had the esteemed pleasure of watching Steven perform last night in "Old Times" at the Lansburgh theater! I was blown away!!!! He can carry a scene with just his eyes. I laughed and almost cried at the end! I was so moved!! Keep up the incredible work!! This play shows just how versatile Steven can be! I wish you many, many years of continued success!! Your devoted fan.
Answer: Thank you for your entry, Stephanie. I'm glad you made the road trip to watch Steven performing on stage. :-)
Date: 02.06.11 14:15 (IP:
Name: Jim Todd
Comment: Steve, Looking forward to seeing you in Old Times at the Lansburgh Theatre in Washington, DC on Saturday, June 4. I just saw Mark Vadersen and Phil Bennardo about a month ago. Perhaps we can chat after the performance Saturday! Best of luck from your classmate from First Colonial High School....Jim Todd
Date: 06.05.11 04:23 (IP:
Name: Stephanie
Location: Charlotte, NC
Comment: I count myself one of the lucky and dedicated fans of such a talented actor who's career I hope continues for many, many years. This website is amazing and brings us the best of Steven's performances!! I moved from the D.C. area in 2006 and find myself wishing I still lived in No.VA so I could see as many shows of his latest theatrical work. Good luck with the production!! I think a road trip is in order!!
Date: 06.03.11 03:11 (IP:
Name: Donald Wilson
Location: Olive Branch, Mississippi
Comment: Miss you on Desperate Housewives...
Date: 02.12.10 17:51 (IP:
Name: jes from Boston
Location: Boston, MA
Comment: Finished with the story. Just in time for Steven's birthday tomorrow. Thank you for a lot of inspiration. Have a wonderful holiday season.
Date: 04.11.10 22:29 (IP:
Name: Jes
Location: Boston, MA
Comment: Hey, thanks so much for putting this together. Steven is my inspiration for a Star Trek Enterprise fan fic I am writing. It's PG-13 and he is VERY hot in it.

Hope you like. Thank you SO much for the pics -- I may incorporate a few as I continue with the story.
Date: 29.09.10 17:13 (IP:
Name: Susan
Comment: Your website is the best
Answer: Thank you, Susan!:-)
Date: 31.08.10 07:23 (IP:
Name: Kim
Location: CA
Comment: Nice photos from Vegas. Thank you so much for sharing!!!!
Answer: Thank you, Kim!:-)
Date: 14.07.10 17:19 (IP:
Name: candy han
Location: china
Comment: Happy everyday!
Date: 12.05.10 12:27 (IP:
Name: romi
Location: argentina
Comment: i love u steven!!!!!!!!!! you are the best!!! i enjoy all your work. it's fantastic. i would love to see you with an oscar. you deserve it. i love u!!! i love u!!!!
Date: 29.03.10 18:12 (IP:
Name: Florence
Location: Belgium
Comment: Just to make it official!

I LOVE your site! It's the best ressource about Steven!
Keep up the amazing work my friend!

So happy knowing you :-)
Date: 22.01.10 06:22 (IP:
Name: Kim
Comment: Like the Ghost Whisper pics! Even the wierd, no face one. LOL!

And of course Happy Birthday!!!
Answer: Thank you, Kim! :-)
Date: 22.01.10 00:37 (IP:
Name: Nancy C.
Location: CA, USA
Comment: Just in time for your birthday you add the new Ghost Whisperer captures ... what a present you make yourself ;-) They are great, Anja. Have wonderful birthday! And keep up the good work!
Answer: Oh thank you, Nancy. I already received my present last Sunday ... and I can say it was great. Better than I could ever imagine!
Date: 21.12.09 22:16 (IP:
Name: carmela Coronado
Location: 57 Tallowwood Avenue Cherrybrook NSW Australia
Comment: A merry xmas and prosperous new year

Date: 20.12.09 17:59 (IP:
Name: Kim
Location: usa
Comment: Great job with the website Anja! Thanks for all the effort you put into keeping us posted with new news and the great photos!~~~
Answer: Thanks Kim!
Date: 08.12.09 05:14 (IP:
Name: Rose Burkhart
Comment: Nice, nice, *Nice* 'Refresh' profile pics of Steven and Director Orr. Continue to develop your creative talent, for you bring SpeCial joy to Webb_ies.
Answer: I'll try my best, Rose. :-)
Date: 05.11.09 14:42 (IP:
Name: Ulia
Location: Russia, Moscow
Comment: I like your website! It's great! Thanks for your work!
Answer: Thank you for letting me know, Ulia. :-)
Date: 1.10.09 06:57 (IP:
Name: Rose Burkhart
Comment: Congratulations, Anja!
Happy Fifth, SpeCial Anniversary!
Answer: Thank you, Rose!

Sometimes I cannot believe that it has been already five years. The first captures I made were posted on April 3, 2004 - and these are still on the site. A little later I decided to create a real site. I still enjoy maintaining the site.
Date: 06.10.09 22:53 (IP:
Name: Nina
Location: Kansas City, MO
Comment: I love your website. Congratulations on FIVE Years!!!!!!!!!
Answer: Thank you, Nina! :-)
Date: 20.09.09 12:29 (IP:
Name: Nancy C.
Location: California
Comment: Let me be the first one leaving you a message in your new guest book. I love your site! Great pictures of Steven's series and movie roles. I love the Impact captures. Also great collection of his stage appearances - he has done a lot. Keep up the good work. :-)
Answer: Thank you, Nancy. :-)

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