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Steven Culp in "Cigar Man"

as Ken

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"Cigar Man" on IMDb

(November 11, 2013)
The video was deleted on Nov 10, 2013:

(October 31, 2013 *)
Today a short video clip was released on Vimeo that shows Steven and the actor John Griffin in a scene.

The video is titled "Dead on Arrival"

It looks like a short film Steven must have done it in 2012.

There is no more information available at this point, but will be posted as soon as it becomes available.

You can take a look at the video by following this link.

To see captures taken from the video clip, click here.

(Nov 30, 2014 - edited to add)
The video titled "Dead on Arrival" was part of the short film "Cigar Man." There is no short film called "Dead on Arrvival."

(October 4, 2013)
According to IMDb Steven filmed the short movie "Cigar Man."

The status of the movie is "complete" so he must have done it some time ago.

He played the part of Ken.


Ken's life is one of lines and symmetry and, as a draftsman, he strives to keep everything well structured. But when a sudden knock at the door sends his final line astray, Ken finds his life's edifice collapsing brick by brick until he has nothing left; not even his shirt. Now, with all of his earthly possessions on the table, Ken must bargain with the Cigar Man to learn the foundation of what is truly important.

The movie was produced, directed and written by a group of students at University of California, Santa Barbara.


Steven Culp Ken
M. Emmet Walsh Cigar Man
John Griffin TBA
Amy Chaffee TBA

Produced by:

Tyler Baxter producer
Evan Clar producer, director
Michael Paul Clausen producer
Chris Cleveland executive producer
Larissa Fedoryka producer
Caroline Clark Moore producer
Harvey Nelson executive producer
Meredith Willis producer

Runtime: 17 min

Genres: Short | Drama | Thriller

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