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Steven Culp in "Donor Unknown"

as Joel

OAD: November 1, 1995


Type A insurance fraud investigator Nick Stillman has his life extended by a heart transplant, but his native bent for delving into chicanery leads him into situations of personal danger for him and for his family. In spite of the success of his life-saving operation, Nick is dismayed to discover that his donor who had allegedly died at the wheel of a stolen car did not, according to his former fiancée, know how to drive, and Stillman's investigation brings suspicion toward the surgeon who performed his procedure and also upon Nick's wife, as possible suspects engaged in highly illicit activity that may include murder.

Starring: Clancy Brown, T.J. Castronovo, Steven Culp, Rebecca Herbst, Alice Krige, Joe Marinelli

Directed by: John Harrison

Written by: William H. Mooney, John Harrison

Genres: Crime / Drama / Thriller

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