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Steven Culp in the Movie of the Week: "How to Make a Monster"

as Peter S. Drummond

OAD: October 14, 2001


A software company is developing "Evilution," a new first-person computer game in need of a frightening, challenging villain. The company hires three antisocial computer geeks--Hardcore (Tyler Mane), Bug (Jason Marsden), and Sol (Karim Prince)--who work in an expansive, labyrinthine computer lab, a one million dollar bonus spurring on a competition between them. Intern Laura (Clea DuVall) and company rep Drummond (Steven Culp) referee the competition.

One night, during a storm, lightning brings to life the motion capture suit used to program the game's movements. With characteristics of each of the programmers' creations driving it, the suit, believing it is playing the game, begins stalking the team around the lab.

HOW TO MAKE A MONSTER SHE CREATURE first appeared on Cinemax as part of the CREATURE FEATURES series, which remakes several 1950s monster films from Samuel L. Arkoff's American International Pictures.

Starring: Steven Culp, Clea DuVall, Tyler Mane, Jason Marsden, Karim Prince

Directed by: George Huang

Genre: Horror / Suspense / Monsters / Science Fiction / Remake

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