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Steven Culp in "Norma Jean & Marilyn"

as Robert F. Kennedy

OAD: May 18, 1996


To the world, Marilyn was a vivacious star, the epitome of sexuality, sensuality, and frolicsome fun. Every man wanted her- every woman wanted to be her. But behind the enticing smile, beneath the tight fitting dresses, there was a dark secret- one Marilyn couldn't bury in her past the child inside called Norma Jean. Everything Norma Jean dreams of, Marilyn achieves. Every man she struggles to resist, Marilyn succumbs to. And while Marilyn climbs the ladder of success, Norma Jean waits beneath it, almost willing her to fall.

Sensuous, shocking, sensational, this is the secret life and loves of the girl called Norma Jean and the woman who became Marilyn.

Starring: Ashley Judd, Mira Sorvino, Josh Charles, Ron Rifkin, Steven Culp

Directed by: Tim Fywell

Written by: Anthony Summers, Jill Isaacs

Genres: Biography / Drama

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