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Steven Culp in "Actors and Actresses"

February 23 - March 13, 1983
(Previews from Feb 18 - Feb 22, 1983)

Hartman Theatre, Stamford, CT

Playwright by Neil Simon
Directed by Glenn Jordan

Tom Pryor - Steven Culp
Polly Devore - Polly Draper
Cara Heywood - Michael Learned
Walter - Garrett M. Brown
Nicholas Cassell - Jack Warden
Harmon Andrews - Tom Aldredge
Vince Barbosa - Jay O. Sanders

Place: a motel in Gary, Indiana

Act I: about 9:30 a.m.
Act II: The same evening about 11:15 p.m.

One intermission

The Hour

(February 13, 1983, by Eleanor Charles)

Connecticut Guide Neil Simon Premiere

A new play by Neil Simon will have its premiere in Stamford Feb. 23 through March 13 at the Hartman Theater on Atlantic Street, with previews scheduled Friday through next Tuesday. "Actors and Actresses" concerns a troupe of touring players who are caught in a blackout in a Gary, Ind., motel. Featured in the cast are Tammy Grimes, Jack Warden, Tom Aldredge, Jay O. Sanders and Polly Draper. Glenn Jordan is the director.

(November 8, 1982, The Day, page 33)

Neil Simon to open play in Stamford

Stamford - Playwright Neil Simon will open his latest play, "Actors and Actresses," for a four-week run at the financially troubled Hartman Theater, the theater has announced.

Simon, who has written "Barefoot in the Park," "The Odd Couple," "Chapter Two" and more than a dozen other plays, decided on the Hartman after visiting it last month, said Harris Goldman, executive director of the Hartman.

The new play is a behind-the-scenes look at the troupe of touring actors stuck in a motel in Gary, Ind. It examines the idle hours, the antagonisms and the dependencies of actors of the road.

"We're actually in heaven at the moment - heaven," Goldman said after learning the play would open at his theater. "It's a real coup for us."

The play is scheduled to run Feb. 18 through March 13.

"As in all Neil Simon plays, in my opinion, the play has extremely solid craftsmanship that allows for tremendously sharp wit," Goldman said. "It is more like his later plays such as 'California Suite' and 'I Ought to Be in Pictures' in which he injects incredible humor but also tackles serious questions."

In the Hartman's last season, the theater was being run on a month-to-month basis because of serious financial problems and there was some doubt whether the theater would open this year.

The theater has cut its deficit to a third of the $850,000 figure it had in the red last year.

In addition to the "The Goodbye Girl," which later became a movie, Simon has written the screenplays for "The Cheap Detective," "The Prisoner of Second Avenue," "The Heartbreak Kid" and "Plaza Suite."

Goldman said that presenting "Actors and Actresses" was a chance to offer a play that has never been performed elsewhere.

"And, secondly, we get to present a new play by a man who has made such substantial contributions to contemporary American theater."

Tickets for Actors and Actresses are $12, $15 and $18. For ticket information, the Stamford Center for the Arts Bos Office number is 203-323-2131.

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