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Steven Culp in "Gardenia"

April 15 - May 18, 1986

Pittsburgh Public Theater, Pittsburgh, PA

Playwright by John Guare Dan Grady - Steven Culp
Directed by Stephen McCorkle Jeremiah Grady - Robert Desmond
O'Malley - Sean G. Griffin
Amos Mason - Frank Hankey
Lydie Bjreeze - Caryn West
Joshua Hickman - William Carden

(May 8, 1986, Chronicle of Pittsburgh, by Milton Susman)

There is no wilting of "Gardenia" at the Pittsburgh Public Theater. Performance after performance it flourishes as an intriguing statement of the conflict between the individual and the society that history has relentlessly shaped. Indeed John Guare's play is mature and moving theater at its best.

"Gardenia" is not an easy thesis to share with an audience, for it endeavors to weave the threads of history, high emotion, intellectual forays and bitter-sweetness into a convincing fabric. Yet under the structured direction of Stephen McCorkle and with a seamless cast of six, "Gardenia" unfolds as a slice of a raw reality that quickens the pulsebeal. I have seldom sat in the theater and experienced a broader interplay of human strengths and frailities.

John Guare may be better known for "The House of Blue Leaves" and the blockbusting film "Atlantic City," but neither left a deeper imprint that was both exhilarating and disturbing. "Gardenia" has a sweep that should be widely shared and long remembered.

(April 18, 1986, Beaver County Times)

Pittsburgh Public Theater will stage John Guare's play "Gardenia" Wednesday through May 18. Further information can be obtained by calling 321-9800.

(April 2, 1986, The Pittsburgh Press, by Ed Blank)

Three veterans of Public Theater returning for roles in "Gardenia"

Pittsburgh Public Theater's cast for "Gardenia" will include three actors who appeared in earlier Public productions: William Carden of "The Dining Room," Steven Culp of "Becoming Memories" and "The Real Thing" and Robert Desmond, who was one of the sons in "Life with Father."

Also in director Stephen McCorkle's cast will be Sean Griffin, Caryn West and Frank Hankey.

John Guare's play concerns troubled lovers in a small town after the Civil War. It will run April 15-May 18 at the Hazlett Theatre.

Guare wrote "The House of Blue Leaves," currently being reproduced at Manhattan's Lincoln Center, the movie "Atlantic City" and, with Carnegie-Mellon University's Mel Shapiro, "Two Gentlemen of Verona."

(September 7, 1985, News Record)

"Gardenia" by John Guare will be the fifth offering, opening April 15. Guare is the author of the film "Atlantic City." "Gardenia" is the story of a love triangle that shatters the ideas of a small community in post- Civil War America when two friends discover they love and are loved by the same woman.

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