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A staged reading of the play

"Human Error"

May 5, 2006

World premiered at the South Coast Repertory, Costa Mesa, CA

Presented by the 9th Pacific Playwrights Festival
that took place from May 5 - May 7, 2006

Playwright by Keith Reddin
Directed by Les Waters

Performers: Steven Culp
Richard Doyle
Meg Gibson


From the ashes of a catastrophic jet airliner crash, a single survivor's tender story of enduring love contrasts with another unfolding drama. Two investigators, thrown together at the crash site, find themselves on a personal collision course. Searching for answers in the wreckage, they slowly expose truths from their own lives, but only one of them reaches deeply to reveal everything. (c)


At a crash site somewhere in the Midwest, investigators Miranda and Erik stand amongst the wreckage. Middle-aged colleagues relatively new to each other, they tentatively begin a relationship. Although Miranda initially rebuffs Erik, it isn't long before the two have tumbled into bed together. The resulting vulnerability they both reveal and a subsequent encounter with a survivor of the crash shed light on the fragility of life and love. (c)

(May 14, 2006,

Keith Reddin is the best known of the seven whose wares will be on first-time Southern California display in the ninth annual festival, May 5-7 on the Costa Mesa theater's three stages. Reddin was an SCR fixture at in the mid-'80s. He'll be back with a reading of "Human Error," about investigators clashing at an air disaster site.

All of the playwrights, including "The Studio's" Christopher D'Amboise and "Blue Door's" Tanya Barfield, were in residence over the weekend. Among actors taking part were Adam Wylie, Allan Miller, Steven Culp, Linda Gehringer and Jane A. Johnston. Directors including Art Manke and Kate Whoriskey also were present.

(May 11, 2006,

Keith Reddin, the best-known name among the scribes, contributed "Human Error," about two romantically involved NTSB investigators and the witness to the plane crash they're working on.

Human Error concerns the aftermath of a plane crash, where two investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board find themselves surprisingly involved in the life of a survivor. As they search for the cause of the disaster, they find themselves drawn together in a romantic entanglement which leaves them both changed and shaken (c)

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