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Steven Culp in "The Walkers"

November 5 - December 12, 1993

Road Theatre Company, Van Nuys, CA

Playwright by Barbara Lindsay
Directed by Dan Butler

Joe - Steven Culp
Boyd (father) - Richard Herd
Grace (mother) - Patricia Herd
Laura - Jeanna Michaels
Fern - Susan Rome
Evan - James Newell


Los Angeles Times Review

Life in suburban Anytown, U.S.A. takes its toll on this not so typical American family. A dysfunctional family by day, by night their subconscious is unlocked and feelings freed with new revelations.


The Walker family looks very normal when they first come into focus. Father Boyd is edgy, volatile and tunneled into a narrow view of his little world. Older daughter Laura, having left her husband Joey, is a carbon of her dad, except when she loses her cool and remembers why she married Joey in the first place. Youngest daughter Fern just lusts and lusts, as she says, too old for school and too cute to work. Mother Grace is blissfully happy and cheerful, forever ready to make pancakes, in a continual, annoying, chirping frenzy of pleasing everyone, to Boyd's disgust and rage. But isn't Boyd protesting too much? Is he serious when he gives smoothy friend Evan a $6,000 check to murder Grace and have a little peace?

"Director Dan Butler gives the script a grimly humorous staging … the performers are fun to watch … real-life husband and wife, Richard and Patricia Herd come across as an especially mean Ralph Kramden married to an excessively even tempered Donna Reed. Jeanna Michaels takes her ice-queen portrayal of Laura to sub-zero levels, while Steven Culp endears as her sweet, loving and tortured husband, Joey. Susan Rome captivates as the girl-woman, Fern." (c) Daily News

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