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Steven Culp on "Traveler"

Facts about FBI Special Agent in Charge Fred Chambers

What do we know about him?

101 - Fred Chambers does not wear a wedding ring, so he is not married

103 - Fred Chambers does have a daughter

104 - Fred Chambers' daughter is a senior in college, so she'd be around 21 years old

106 - Fred Chambers has two bullet wound scars on his back that he got while working for the FBI branch housed in the American Embassy in Tel Aviv.

108 - Fred Chambers killed Agent Guillermo Borjes and his last words to him were "You did good work, Borjes... too good."

Fred Chambers was a member of the Fourth Branch, and his family is actually a longstanding member of the Fourth Branch. (according to an interview with Steven Culp, Sep 3, 2007)

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