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Steven Culp on "Cold Case"

Episode: Jurisprudence

COLD CASE - "Jurisprudence" - When a juvenile repeat offender, Michael, suggests the accidental death of an underage inmate serving time at Havenhurst Academy was actually a murder, Valens is particularly interested in what really happened. Valens knew the victim, Alex, and had tried to steer him straight before he ended up at Havenhurst, which was touted as a much more effective rehabilitation center than juvenile prison. However, the truth was that an overzealous judge had been systematically over sentencing young offenders to Havenhurst because his sister-in-law owned it, and keeping it full of prisoners was making them both very rich. Alex had discovered the truth and was about to blow the whistle on the whole thing, but the Academy's Director (Steven Culp) caught up with him and in a moment of panic killed him to keep him quiet, and then staged it to look like an accident. (c)



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