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Steven Culp on "Eli Stone"

Episode: Happy Birthday Nate

ELI STONE - "Happy Birthday Nate" - Eli's latest vision puts him in his father's body on Nate's 12th birthday, which gives him insight on a case involving a teen's wish to be emancipated from his formidable father, who is represented in court by Matt and Maggie. Meanwhile, Taylor struggles to tell Matt she's pregnant, and Keith tries to steer clear of Patti's daughter.

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Detailed summary:

Nate and Eli go golfing and Nate asks Eli why he is making Cooper into an enemy. Eli says he doesn't think he is making Cooper an enemy. Nate points out that he first got Cooper his clinical trials, then later agreed to take his son's emancipation case. Eli tells Nate that he was just helping Jim because he threatened to have Nate fired. Eli then gets hit in the head with a golf ball. He passes out and flashes to an image of being in his dad's body while a young Eli and a young Nate were celebrating Nate's birthday. Eli comes to and Nate says they need to get him checked out. Eli says he'll be fine, but doesn't understand why he was their dad in his vision. Nate says he remembers that birthday and how their dad ruined it.

Jordan forbids Eli from taking Jim Cooper's son's emancipation case. Eli points out that they're partners and he can't forbid him from taking a case. Jordan says that he's been getting calls from Jim all week and he has been assuring him that they won't take JJ's case. Eli argues that his son is miserable, but Jordan says that Jim Cooper can ruin them if he wants.

Jim Cooper then walks in and Eli tries to apologize. Jim is annoyed and tells Eli that he works for him and threatens to end their law practice. Jim demands that Jordan remove Eli from the firm and Jordan kicks Jim out. Jordan says that the only Cooper that they will be representing is his son JJ.

Maggie pulls Matt aside and says she is worried about the snitch. She is concerned that their loyalty is being questioned and Matt says that she is paranoid. Matt then gets a call from Posner and says that he wants to meet with both of them in his office. Matt tells Maggie that a little paranoia may be warranted.

Taylor asks JJ Cooper how scary he thinks his dad is and JJ says very scary. Taylor then walks into her office and finds Matt with Jim Cooper. Eli and Taylor are shocked that Matt and Maggie are representing Jim. Eli says that they are demanding that JJ isn't forced to be part of the clinical trial and he will live with his girlfriend. Jim speaks up and tells JJ he will be moving back home. Eli tells Jim that the decision will be left up to a judge.

Keith sees Angela and ducks into Eli's office to hide. Eli sees Angela and calls her into his office. Eli asks Keith if he knows Patti's daughter. Keith starts to talk and Angela scolds him for ignoring her calls. Patti walks up and tells Eli that they can't find a doctor to back them up in court. Eli realizes that Jim has paid all the doctors off. Patti tells Eli that he shouldn't mess with the bull because he'll get the horns.

Jordan sees Taylor and tells her pregnancy agrees with her. She tells him to keep it down and say that she hasn't told Matt yet. Jordan tells Taylor she really should tell Matt. He questions if their relationship will affect her in court when she stands up against him. Taylor says he's right and she will tell Matt later.

Matt and Maggie talk about the case and Maggie says that she told Eli who the leak was. Matt realizes that they are only getting the Cooper case as a test of their loyalty. Matt then sees Taylor and goes up to her. She hands him JJ's school records, then asks if they can talk. Matt argues with her about the Cooper case. Taylor gets mad and leaves without telling him about the pregnancy.

Eli asks Nate to be his expert in the JJ Cooper case. Nate says that he can't because he already helped him screw the hospital in the past and he can't do it again. Eli says that he really believes his vision was telling him to ask for Nate's help.

Nate testifies in court and says that JJ's MS progression is slow and he should be able to handle life as an emancipated teen. Matt asks Nate if he examined JJ and Nate says he reviews his records. Matt then asks why Nate thinks JJ is not better off with his father like the other doctors think. Nate suggests that money can buy opinions. Matt objects to the speculation then asks if it is possible that JJ could suffer a debilitating attack tomorrow that would leave him helpless. Nate says it's not likely, but anything is possible.

Patti meets with Keith. She asks him about his relationship with Angela and why he hasn't called her. He says he's just been busy and Patti asks him to tell her the truth. He insists that he's just been busy.

Patti goes to Eli and says that she thinks Keith is hiding something about Angela from her. Patti then realizes that Eli is drunk. Patti goes for help and Eli passes out. Eli sees himself as his father who passed out and was woken up by Eli. Nate then walked in and became upset that his dad forgot the cake. Nate then grabbed his dad's journal and read all the things addressed to Eli. Nate said to his dad that he should have just pretended that it was Eli's birthday and then maybe he would have remembered the cake.

Eli talks to Dr. Chen and asks if there is any part of his dad's journal that survived. Dr. Chen says that Eli is better off without it because it's dangerous to know too much. Eli says that his latest vision was about the book. Eli says that he thinks God is messing with him. Dr. Chen points out that Eli defied God last week when he messed around with Jim.

Matt goes to Taylor with gifts, but runs into Jordan first. Jordan thinks he is celebrating finding out that Taylor was pregnant. Matt is confused and says that he was just giving her a gift for fighting with her earlier.

Nate's boss warns Nate not to testify against Jim Cooper. Dr. Chen then walks in and tells Nate that he has to go back to court because it was in his dad's book.

JJ testifies in court that he has a support system in place if he does get sick. JJ says that his father tried to bribe his girlfriend to leave him and filled in their swimming pool when he learned that he didn't want to be part of the clinical trial. Maggie then stands up and says that Jim would like to cross examine the witness. Taylor and Eli object, and the judge tells Maggie to continue.

Jim asks if JJ thinks anyone else cares about him as much as he does. JJ says that he cares too much. Jim says that he kept his mother alive longer than any other doctor thought was possible. JJ says that his mom hated being alive. Jim then brings up the time in Japan when he took 12 painkillers then called home and asked why he left him alone. JJ becomes upset and asks his father to stop. Eli stands up and pulls his client off the stand.

The lawyers go into a room and argue about the tactic of letting Jim examine JJ. Matt then blurts out that he knows Taylor is pregnant. Eli and Maggie say they are happy, but Matt is angry. Nate then walks in and asks Eli if he noticed JJ's tremor on the stand.

Keith goes to Angela who is at a dance studio practicing ballet. The two talk about Sam and Dave which is playing in the background. Keith catches Angela as she almost falls and they kiss. Keith stops and tells her that they need to talk. He tells her about the call he got from the ADA about her bloodwork. Angela then reaches into her bag and pulls out amoxicillin she is taking for an ear infection. She says that was what caused her to have a false positive for cocaine, then leaves.

Nate shows Eli that JJ's MRIs have been manipulated to make it look like he was healthier than he really was. JJ then walks in and asks if he is getting worse. He says that his dad kept telling him he was fine, but he was feeling worse. Eli tells JJ that people live long full lives with MS, but JJ says that they don't make it to the Olympics. Eli tells JJ about when he was diagnosed with his aneurysm and he came home and saw all his bills. Eli says that he was mad that he was dying, but the world was just going on like nothing happened. Eli says that he paid the bills and says that JJ needs to keep having hope.

The lawyers assemble along with the hospital chief of staff. Eli shows everyone the fake MRIs. Eli says that Jim didn't want to jeopardize his clinical trial so he faked the MRIs. Jim says that he only did it so he could cure JJ. Eli tells Jim to agree to JJ's emancipation and Nate tells his boss that he needs to clean house at the hospital or he will take the falsified documents to the board.

Taylor goes to Jordan, annoyed that he told Matt about the pregnancy. Jordan asks why she didn't tell Matt herself. Taylor explains that when she and Eli broke up she looked for someone who wasn't Eli and that was Matt. She says that Matt was only supposed to be temporary, but he turned out to be more.

Eli talks to Dr. Chen about the case. Eli says that his visions feel like a job. Dr. Chen is still bothered that Eli ignored his last vision to not mess around with Jim. Eli then realizes that JJ stands for James Junior or Jim Junior. Eli then asks Dr. Chen to send him back to his last vision. Eli looks and finds JJ in the burning building. Eli then wakes up and calls JJ's girlfriend's mother and learns that JJ has gone missing. Eli tells her to call 911 then goes downtown to a burning building. Eli enters and finds JJ sitting next to a gas can. Eli pulls JJ out of the building.

In the hospital, JJ says that he didn't think the fire would spread so fast. Eli asks what he was thinking and JJ says that he doesn't really know what he was doing there. Eli tells JJ that there won't be any charges filed and JJ realizes his dad pulled some strings. Eli tells JJ that he is an adult now and he needs to realize that although he doesn't need his dad, he may still want him. Jim then enters the room and sits down.

Taylor tells Matt that she was afraid to tell him because she thought they were just temporary. Matt asks her to marry him and says that he never thought it was temporary. He tells her that ever since the first night, he's always wanted more of her and the baby doesn't change that. He says he wants to be a couple and they kiss.

Keith goes to the hospital and asks for Angela. The nurse tells him that she isn't there. Keith thinks she is just covering for Angela, but the nurse confesses that Angela was suspended a few weeks ago.

Nate goes to Dr. Chen and asks how he knew about the journal since Eli supposedly burned it. Dr. Chen admits that he made a copy, but Eli doesn't know and he can't tell him. Nate asks what the journal says about him. Dr. Chen is quiet, then pulls out a letter addressed to Nate that was in the journal. Nate reads the letter. His dad writes that Nate will watch his brother do some amazing things, but he won't be able to do any of it without him. His dad says that the world is counting on Nate as much as Eli. His dad writes that he loves him and wishes him a happy birthday.

Eli goes to Nate and says that the hospital wants him to sign a non-disclosure document and in exchange, they cut him a very large check. Nate asks what the catch is and Eli says that he doesn't work there anymore. Nate says that it's bigger than a standard severance check. Eli says that he thinks the check is from dad to compensate for everything.

I love how Matt found out he was going to be having a baby. I totally understand how Jordan could have mistaken Matt's gifts for Taylor as celebratory gifts. I can't think of anyone who gives such a big present for simply having an argument about work. I hope Taylor and Matt do get married, maybe for the series finale. I think it's a good thing that Dr. Chen kept a copy of Eli's dad's journal, I'm sure he'll probably need to bust it out again in the future. I wonder what Nate is going to do now that he doesn't work at the hospital. I imagine he will start his own practice. Then Eli can still hire him to be his expert in court. As for Angela, I suspect she may just carry around a bottle of amoxicillin so she can talk her way out of cocaine charges, although she doesn't really seem too much like an addict. I wonder if Keith will try to track her down or if he will just leave it alone. (c) by Kristine R.

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