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Steven Culp on "Family Album, U.S.A."

as Richard Stewart

Family Album, U.S.A. is a 26 episode ungraded, serial-format video program which is designed for students who native language is not English and who have studied English for at least one year. It is produced for both classroom use as well as television broadcast. Each episode is broken down into three acts which are further broken down into three scenes.

This series focuses on the everyday life of the Stewarts, a typical North American family from a New York suburb. Each of the episodes tells a story - for example they celebrate holidays, buy a new home, attend a wedding, struggle with everyday personal issues, and more.
Steven plays the part of Richard Stewart, the eldest son of the family. He is 30 years old, a photographer, works on the picture album called "Family Album, U.S.A.", and lives with his wife and his newborn baby in the house of his parents but is looking for a new house.

Steven is seen in 13 of the 26 episodes.

Released in 1990.

Production company: Reeves Entertainment

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