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Steven Culp on "JAG"

as CIA Agent Clayton Webb

(c) Diverse sources

Who are KIP and DSBPost?

'Kip' and 'DSBPost' are both JAG insider who answered questions and gave inside information a the JAG mailinglist.

(January 30, 2004, JAG mailinglist)
Subject: Now Filming

Hi, everyone. Happy Friday.

Today is the first day out of 8 for a new episode, "Take It Like A Man," written by Darcy Meyers, directed by David James Elliott, now filming on stage at Valencia.

A quick look at the cast list indicates the return of Clayton Webb, so DJE directing Steven Culp should prove especially interesting. [...] Tentative air date: Feb. 27. [...] Best, Harriet

(November 6, 2002, JAG mailinglist)
Q&A from Kip:

Q. Webbies' dreams were answered. Webbies have talked about seeing Webb fencing for so many seasons now. Great continuity for the character! Very nice job. We loved that scene! (and the honor of Webb fencing with Mrs. DPB? Priceless - It was her, correct?)

A. It was Mrs. DPB and I hate to spoil your illusions, but except for the close up, Webb was doubled by a male fencer.

Q. Did anyone else get the impression that Neville Webb's name is on one of those stars and that the conversation at the end of the show indicated that Webb took a career hit to help give the families of the Angel Shark the closure that he and Porter have never been allowed?

A. We sure did at JAG. But don't worry. Webb will be back from his isolation.

(November 4, 2002, JAG mailinglist)
Q&A from Kip and Harriet:

Q. Will Harm visit the wall on Christmas Eve alone or with Mac, Webb, Sturgis, or Sergei?

A. Sorry, can't answer.

Q: I believe Kip said Webb would be in the submarine episode, which I think is next week, or soon at least.

A: Right. "Need to Know" is the episode title, airing Nov. 5, written by Philip DeGuere, Jr., directed by Bradford May. We're filming this season's tenth episode, "The Killer," which aire Nov. 26. Best, Harriet

Q: Any more news of when Webb will be back? Has SC filmed another episode yet, or will that be later in the season?"

A: He's filmed one episode. And plans are being formed by DPB to bring him back for a series of episodes (3 or 4) at the end of the season. Note: These are tenative plans, but will likely go forward.

(October 27, 2002, JAG mailinglist)
Answers from Kip:

Q: I'm kind of curious if the Webb situation has changed since the last time he was mentioned. I don't recall reading any posts stating anything other than he was in the 11/5 episode.

A: I'd expect Webb to be in approximately the same number of episodes as the last few seasons.

(October 26, 2002, JAG mailinglist)
Answers from Kip:

Q: Will we be seeing much of PO Jennifer Coates, and when will Webb start appearing again?

A: Yes and Yes.

(October 1, 2002, JAG mailinglist)
Answers from Kip:

Q: LOTS of us are wondering that! How come DPB isn't using him? He is really popular! If it makes for too many people at JAG HQ, maybe assign him to Webb or something - just don't wait until SC is available to use Gunny!

A: He was assigned to Afghanistan and will most likely return at an appropriate time. And it's not that it makes too many people at JAG--it makes too many expensive people in an episode at the same time.

(July 7, 2002, JAG mailinglist)
Answers from Kip:

Q: Will be be seeing more of Webb this season than last season?

A: I doubt it. Webb will be used about as much as he has been in the past.

(May 31, 2002, JAG mailinglist)
Questions about next season:

Q: Will Webb be a major player next season?

A: Webb is always a player. Major? I don't know. Like I said, we're just starting on the stories.

(May 11, 2002, JAG mailinglist)
The character of Webb never fails to bring that extra something special to JAG, and Steven Culp's characterization of our favorite spy is always PERFECT!

A. If you loved Webb tonight, you'll love the next two episodes. He is very key in both.

(April 22, 2002, JAG mailinglist)
Spoiler Info for "In Country" from Kip:

'In Country' has Mac and Harm on the trail of a terrorist in Afghanistan along with Gunny and Webb.

(January 29, 2002, JAG mailinglist)
Info from Kip:

Q: Do you have any little bones that you can throw us about either Head-to-Toe or The Mission?

A: In the remainder of the season you will see Harm and Mac working together a number of times. Either on the same team or opposing. Bud will go through an ordeal. We will spend a lot of time in the Persian Gulf. There will be a tribunal for an Al Queda leader. Webb will be in a couple of episodes (if his new film doesn't take all his time). Sturgis and Bobbie L. will get to know each other a little better. The Admiral meets an interesting lady. And there will be a cliff-hanger many times more frustrating than my answer for 'Help.'

(December 29, 2001, JAG mailinglist)
JAG Cast Christmas Party!

We had our usual wonderful Christmas lunch at Valencia last Friday; however, since we had an early wrap this year, and since my friend misunderstood the time it started, I missed seeing a lot of people. Patrick played Santa Claus for the kiddies (mom Tina was off somewhere feeding their baby), Steven Culp was cradling one of his new-born twins (told him you all missed him and sent regards, which he was happy to hear), Dana Coen was there with his twin girls (can't believe how they've grown). The nice thing about twins is that each parent gets to hold one (I think Laura Bush pointed this out in an interview.)

Our gift this year from the Cast and Producers was a military watch by the makers of the Swiss Army Knife. Very impressive-looking, and quite apropos.

A Happy and Healthy New Year, everyone.

Best, Harriet

(February 16, 2000, JAG mailinglist)
Episode Boomerang, Part I and II (100,101): Steven Culp stand-in

Steven Culp or Stand-in ?

Kip answers:

Some of us are questioning a couple of scenes. The one of "Webb" in front of the courthouse. That was a stand in and not Steven Culp, correct ? Then at the mall, when he is first spotted, that is also a stand in for Steven Culp??

Steven Culp was originally scheduled to fly to Australia upon completion of his feature commitment in time to participate in four brief scenes--at The Strand Arcade, the Opera House, outside the Courthouse and the Qantas departure lounge.

When Steven's feature commitment was extended and he could not fly to Australia to film with us, DPB refused to drop his scenes from the script. Instead, he had an Australian actor of Steven's height, weight and hair type, fly to LA where he was fitted with a prosthetic mold made from Steven's face. The actor also spent an afternoon on the Costner set with Steven learning how to walk and posture like him.

The special effects people assured us that we could film as close as a waist shot and no one would know it wasn't Webb. Adding Steven's voice in post production would complete the illusion.

However, when the prosthetic device was applied in Australia the actor looked nothing like Webb. So, DPB had the actor's hair trimmed to match Steven's, put dark glasses on him and then filmed him in the Strand Arcade and at the Opera House with as many people passing between the actor and the camera as possible. At the Courthouse he filmed the actor walking away from camera and then scheduled the Qantas departure lounge to be filmed at the end of the schedule when we were back in LA and the real Steven would be available for a day of filming.

The thought was that having Steven actually in the last scene and using his voice over the other three might work. But in viewing the dailies, while brief moments filmed in Australia with the double worked, it was not enough to really complete the illusion. So, when Steven finally became available we not only filmed the Qantas scene, but DPB also reshot, in downtown LA. the Opera House point-of-view of Steven and, on a corner of the courtroom set, a two second close up of Steven to cut into the Strand footage.

The end result was costly, time consuming and fooled everyone ... EXCEPT THE WEBBIES.

(December 14, 1999, JAG mailinglist)
Q&A from KIP re: Episode 'Ghosts Of Christmas Past' (096)

Re Roles:

Peter Murnik plays Tom Boone, who's called 'Tong' by Harm, Sr. JJ was originally to play Les Brown, but a proper wig couldn't be found in time so he was switched to the Master Chief who was originally to have been Ben Murphy, so Ben became the Skipper who was originally to have been Steven Culp who couldn't make an appearance because he was still playing Bobby Kennedy in the feature he's shooting .... well, you get the idea. About the only roles that were cast as originally conceived by DPB were Davids, Catherines, Peter Murniks and Patrick L. Even KT was to play someone else.

(March 2, 1997, JAG mailinglist)
Are the episodes shown out of order?

DSBPost answers:

I know that the episodes this season have been shown out of order. It can get kind of confusing (if not annoying) not knowing whether characters are friends or at each other's throat's (ie Webb). Does anybody know the correct order that the episodes were supposed to air so perhaps their relationships can make a little more sense.

Well this is the correct order the episodes are supposed to air. However it is not the episodes shooting sequence. The Game of Go and Trinity were actually filmed #1 and #2 this season. All the rest have been shown in the filmed order. The only real impact was in Webbs relationship, and hair styles.

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