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Steven Culp on "Medium"

Episode: Do You Hear What I Hear?

Medium "Do You Hear What I Hear?" - Monday, February 4, 2008 (10:00-11:00 p.m., ET) on NBC. - Patricia Arquette's brother David Arquette directs an episode where Allison faces a complete loss of hearing after a wealthy, deaf girl is kidnapped -- Guest stars Oscar winner Anjelica Huston, Nancy Travis ("Becker") and STEVEN CULP ("Desperate Housewives") - Allison completely loses her hearing when a wealthy, young deaf girl is kidnapped, so Joe (Jake Weber) steps in to assist with her and investigator Cynthia Keener's (Anjelica Huston) actions on behalf of the parents (guest stars Nancy Travis and Steven Culp).

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Detailed summary:

A 12-year-old girl and her cat watch Godzilla. The cat responds to the sound of glass breaking, but the girl, obviously deaf, responds to the cat, getting up to investigate. The window on the kitchen door is broken, and two masked men enter as the girl screams. Allison wakes up, shocked to find she is deaf. Joe gets on the phone right away, setting up an appointment to see a specialist in the morning.

Unable to hear a thing, Allison becomes hysterical in the doctor's office. The doctor thinks she has SSHL, sudden sensory hearing loss, which is probably not permanent. Cynthia calls during the appointment, and Joe tells her that Allison is under the weather - she'll have to call back. Later at home, Allison scares the kids, screaming in frustration with the hope her hearing will return.

In the bath, Allison calms down, and Joe gets the bright idea to write whatever he needs to communicate on the laptop. He needs to call Cynthia back, and Allison insists that he tell Cynthia that she only has the flu, not wanting anyone to know she's deaf. That night Allison dreams that the deaf girl is captured by the two masked men, who speak to her in sign language. She wakes up alone. Joe's on the phone with Cynthia, who's working on a kidnapping case, the victim, a 12-year-old Nicole Swenson, who's deaf.

Joe and Allison meet with Cynthia, who was hired by her old friend Cyrus, Laura and Darren Swenson's attorney, to negotiate with the kidnappers. The Swensons don't want the police involved, per strict instructions from the kidnappers. Allison's information is useful, because it means that kidnappers have planned well, and they just want their money. Time is short, so Cynthia asks that Joe call if there's anything more.

Cynthia returns to the Swensons to find Darren on the phone with the insurance company, demanding money on a kidnapping policy he purchased on Nicole. Explaining that insurance only pays afterwards, Cynthia persuades Darren to hang up the phone. Cyrus informs that they can only raise $3 million, though the kidnappers demanded five. Cynthia explains that the kidnappers are running a business, the Swensons are the only buyers and $3 million is a lot of money. When they call, she will work it all out.

Nicole's blindfold is removed as the kidnappers make a video of her holding up a newspaper. She speaks to the camera in sign language, as one of the kidnappers pushes a drinking glass with a "Mano's Diner" decal out of the way. Allison wakes up and picks up the phone. The next day, Joe and Allison meet Cynthia at the Swensons, having located Mano's Diner in the nearby White Tank Mountains. Amazed by the first real clue, Cynthia invites Allison to spend the day with her at the Swensons.

Cynthia introduces Allison to the Swensons as a fellow investigator who is profoundly deaf, and therefore feels a special connection to Nicole. When the kidnappers call, Cynthia insists that they deal only with her, and that they only have $3 million. Darren gets upset and tries to interrupt, but the kidnappers hang up. Darren tried to fire Cynthia, despite her assurances that the kidnappers will call back. If anything happens to Nicole, Darren threatens to hold Cynthia responsible.

That night, the kidnappers call back and agree to take the $3 million, but only if Darren brings it alone. Cynthia insists that she'll bring it, but they refuse, saying they'll call back with further instructions. Darren tells Cyrus to get the money ready, and tells Cynthia that if she tries to follow him, he'll kill her. Cynthia leaves, and Allison calls Joe to tell him that she loves him - even if she can't hear if he's even on the phone.

Chained to a bed in a rustic-looking cabin, Nicole peers out a knothole and gets a look at her captors. One of them sees her, rips the door open and kicks her. Allison bolts awake to tell Cynthia that Nicole can ID her captors; her life is in danger. Cynthia wakes up Laura, pleading with her to call the police. Laura finally recognizes Allison, but Darren wakes up, furious with Cynthia for trying to double cross the kidnappers when they are close to getting Nicole back.

Cynthia wakes up Allison and puts her in a car with Scanlon, who takes her down to the station to look at mug shots, since she saw the kidnappers in her dream. Cynthia offers to put a tiny homing device on Darren's car, but he refuses, just as the phone rings. The kidnappers instruct Darren to drive to a park, and pick up a cell phone in a white bag. Cynthia tells him to use gloves so they can check for DNA on the bag, but Darren refuses to jeopardize his shot at retrieving Nicole.

Allison and Scanlon send Cynthia a picture of one of the kidnappers, who recently worked for Darren. When Cynthia presents it to Laura, she's not sure what Cynthia's saying - why would her husband hire someone to kidnap Nicole? Cyrus admits that Darren's business is in bad shape. Laura recalls that her father had a hunting cabin in the mountains that hasn't been used in years - but no one will be there. Cynthia asks for the address, so she can prove Laura to be right.

Darren arrives at the cabin, and hands the kidnappers their share of the take, $1 million. They explain that Nicole has seen them, and that they told her the whole thing was Darren's idea. The kidnappers hand Darren a gun, advising him that they dug a hole out back. Darren picks up the gun, and grabs Nicole. When he yanks the front door open, Cynthia and the cops are waiting for him with guns drawn.

Scanlon drops Allison at home. She's greeted by Bridget, who's already started to learn sign language. Leaving the kids with Joe, Allison takes a nap. Meanwhile, Cynthia brings Nicole back home to her mother for a tearful reunion. When Allison wakes up from her nap, she is delighted to hear her children's voices, her hearing fully restored. (c)

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