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Steven Culp on "Push, Nevada"

Episode: "The Letter of the Law"

"The Letter of the Law" - Jim learns the truth about Deputy Dawn and why she's in Push. Meanwhile, Grace gets closer to learning who posted the huge amount of cash for Jim's bail, and Sloman gives Mary an ultimatum, on "Push, Nevada," THURSDAY, OCTOBER 10 (9:00-10:00 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network.

"Push, Nevada" stars Derek Cecil as Jim Prufrock and Scarlett Chorvat as Mary. Recurring stars are Liz Vassey as Dawn, Melora Walters as Grace and Raymond J. Barry as Sloman.

Guest starring are Conchata Ferrell as Martha, Jacob Smith as Young Jim, Tom Gallop as well-dressed man no. 1, Steven Culp as well-dressed man no. 2, Larry Poindexter as well-dressed man no. 3, Alexondra Lee as Delilah, W. Earl Brown as Shadrach, Kevin Crowley as Al Prufrock, Michael Cavanaugh as the invalid, Teddy Lane, Jr. as Simon Utumbwa, Elizabeth Storm as younger Jeanine, John Duerler as Dave, Dennis Ure as treasury agent no. 1, Joel McKinnon Miller as Gene Lavelle, David Carey Foster as the suited man and Ivar Brogger as the bank manager.

John Serge wrote "The Letter of the Law," which was directed by Lisa Cholodenko.

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