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Steven Culp on "Push, Nevada"

Episode: "S.O.S."

"S.O.S." - As Dawn's plan unfolds, Jim, fearing his days may be numbered, takes desperate measures to warn the outside world about Push, Nevada. Meanwhile, he comes closer to finding out who the well-dressed men really are, on "Push, Nevada," THURSDAY, OCTOBER 17 (9:00-10:00 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network.

"Push, Nevada" stars Derek Cecil as Jim Prufrock and Scarlett Chorvat as Mary. Recurring stars are Liz Vassey as Dawn, Melora Walters as Grace and Raymond J. Barry as Sloman.

Guest starring are Conchata Ferrell as Martha, Jacob Smith as Young Jim, Tom Gallop as well-dressed man no. 1, Steven Culp as well-dressed man no. 2, Larry Poindexter as well-dressed man no. 3, Rick Worthy as Jamison Jones, David Carey Foster as Wesson, Wayne Wilderson as research drone no. 1, Tom Towles as BRB, W. Earl Brown as Shadrach, Michael Cavanaugh as the invalid, Paul Hayes as John Q. Public, Eric Kuchnick as the e-mail college kid, Jamison Reeves as the e-mail bike messenger, Karen Constantine as the e-mail housewife, Carol Kiernan as the Sacramento Bee reporter, Angee Hughes as the post office employee, David Meunier as research drone no. 2, Scot Zeller as research drone no. 3 , Kevin Will as research drone no. 4, Ira Glassman as Gary Grossman, Jeremiah Zinger as operative no. 1, Patrick Thomas O'Brien as buereaucrat no. 1 and Jack Hannibal as operartive no. 2.

Joan Rater & Tony Phelan wrote "S.O.S.," which was directed by Rodman Flender.

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