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Steven Culp on "Revolution"

Episode: 2.13 - Happy Endings

"REVOLUTION" - "HAPPY ENDINGS" - 01/29/2014 (08:00PM - 09:00PM) (Wednesday): MONROE HATCHES A PLAN - BRET MICHAELS GUEST STARS - Monroe (David Lyons) leads Connor (Mat Vairo) and Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos) on a risky mission, as Miles (Billy Burke) and Rachel (Elizabeth Mitchell) keep an eye on things in Willoughby. Meanwhile, Neville (Giancarlo Esposito) gets a new assignment and Aaron (Zak Orth) reunites with an old friend. Also starring JD Pardo, Stephen Collins, Katie Aselton, *Steven Culp*, Maureen Sebastian and Daniel Henney

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Detailed summary:

In the quarantine tent, Porter stops breathing as the standoff continues in Truman's office. Just as Truman orders his man to shoot Conner, Miles drops the Patriot soldier with a sniper's rifle from a nearby rooftop. A minute later, Truman is cuffed to a radiator as Connor rushes to deliver the stock of antidote to Rachel. Charlie and Rachel hurriedly inject the sick as Connor heaves Porter into a wagon, then drives the Matheson women out of town to rendezvous with Miles and Monroe. Somehow, Rachel finds it in her heart to leave a dose of antidote behind for Truman.

Five days later, a thoroughly tortured Neville is thrown on the floor of the Oval Office, by way of introduction to President Jack Davis. Davis is aware of Neville's plot to kill him, courtesy of Julia, who's alive for the moment. Since Neville knows more about Monroe than anyone else, Davis is sending him to Willoughby to execute the former Militia general - or else he'll start amputating pieces of Julia's anatomy. Knowing this may be his only chance, Neville requests that Davis allow Jason to accompany him. Days later, Neville and Jason show up in Truman's office to announce their mission.

Days later, Porter is recovering, while Connor has formed a crush on Charlie, who's totally got his number. After the typhus scare, Monroe has decided the only chance of defeating the Patriots entails buying mercenaries from an old friend of his in New Vegas, warlord Duncan Page. After walking New Vegas' midway past a Bret Michaels' performance, Monroe stops into the Diamondback Casino, where he used to work the fighting ring. It turns out Duncan is a woman who clearly has bad history with Monroe. She drives a hard bargain for her mercenaries: 30 diamonds a head, which Monroe doesn't have.

Aaron and Priscilla have walked to Lubbock, Texas. They find themselves at a former hotel, where their old friend from MIT, Peter Garner, now heads up a revival-type church. Peter invites the couple to attend a service in which he harnesses the nanites to heal a blind woman in the name of God. After the service, Aaron and Priscilla explain that all Peter's healing isn't God's will, but the work of the nanites. They want him to tell his congregation the truth, but Peter's truth lies somewhere else, so he locks Aaron and Priscilla into a hotel room. In his mind, the nanites are pretty much like God, and they should embrace that notion. They're all staying in Lubbock until they figure out why the nanites want them there.

Miles takes Rachel to an overgrown drive-in for an impromptu date, a night without war or worries. They pretend they're watching Evil Dead 2 and make love for the first time in 20 years. Back in New Vegas, Charlie seduces Connor, blowing his mind. When he wonders if things are going to get weird now considering her opinion of his father, Charlie delivers the bad news: life is short, and Connor just joined the losing team. Chances are they'll both be dead within the year. Connor suggests trying a little hope, but Charlie prefers realism. When Monroe stumbles across the couple in flagrante delicto, Connor tells him to back off. The only way they're going to work is as partners or not at all.

Returning home after their date, Miles and Rachel are stunned to find Neville waiting for them with the story that he's looking for revenge on the Patriots for the death of his wife. When Miles asks Jason for confirmation that Neville's telling the truth, he swears it on his mother's grave. Meanwhile, Monroe hatches a plot to rob the casino, run by the owner - and his former fight manager - Ely Gould. He'll fight a bare-knuckle match so Charlie and Connor can rob the casino while all of Gould's men are occupied taking bets.

Gould pits his best guy, a human behemoth, against Monroe, as Charlie and Connor put their bait and switch plan into action. Charlie runs off as a decoy while Monroe wins his fight. He's just about to get away with Connor and the diamonds when a rifle butts him square in the temple. Gould and his man, Ray, pull the strongbox of diamonds out of Connor's pack. Connor and Monroe are surrounded, and Charlie is long gone! (c)

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