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Steven Culp on "Revolution"

Episode: 2.20 - Tomorrowland

"REVOLUTION" - "TOMORROWLAND" - 05/07/2014 (08:00PM - 09:00PM) (Wednesday): MILES AND MONROE PLAN TO FIGHT DIRTY WHEN THE PATRIOTS CHANGE TACTICS - Truman (Steven Culp), empowered with new authority from the President, launches a mustard gas attack designed to kill Miles (Billy Burke) and Monroe (David Lyons). To Rachel's (Elizabeth Mitchell) disappointment, Miles agrees to join Monroe in a ruthless plot to beat the Patriots at their own game. As Neville (Giancarlo Esposito) faces his own challenge from the Patriots, Aaron (Zak Orth) grows increasingly alarmed by the power of the nanotech. Also starring Tracy Spiridakos, Stephen Collins, Mat Vairo, Reiko Aylesworth, Waleed Zuaiter, Cotter Smith, Maureen Sebastian, Billy Lush

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Detailed summary:

After his meeting with Allenford, President Davis is cleaning blood off his shirt when Truman enters the Oval Office. The President offers a bloody chair, insisting Truman sit, then pulls out his gun to open a conversation about failure. General Carver should be dead, California and Texas should be at war - but none of it's happening because Miles and Monroe are outside Willoughby. Rather than sit and wait quietly to be shot, Truman gets angry. The President has sent all manner of people to do Truman's job, so the fault lies with him; Truman's just been following orders. Truman gets a reprieve... for now, with no idea of what his reprieve actually means. Meanwhile, Charlie finds Miles, barely alive, lying in a field.

Five days later, Truman's steam train arrives in Willoughby. Truman's number two, Shaw, brings intel on Miles and Monroe's camp, located by the old chemical plant. Truman orders fellow traveler and serious soldier Lieutenant Vanek to unload the canisters and mobilize his men, then orders Shaw to find Neville, whose services are no longer needed. Back at the chemical plant, Aaron finds Priscilla engrossed in a pre-Blackout ladies magazine - why do the people look so happy and shiny? Aaron explains it's all a lie to sell magazines, then demands the nano return the real Priscilla. Uninterested, Priscilla turns back to her magazine while across the camp, Rachel and her father tend to Miles' slowly healing gut wound. Miles claims the only reason he made it out of the abandoned house was the Fender guitar pick he found, which also seems to have made him quit drinking. Suddenly, the air fills with the sound of birds and animals fleeing something terrible... Priscilla advises Aaron to run, so he does, just as a cloud of mustard-colored gas billows into view. Miles yells for everyone to run for higher ground, but Patriots in gas masks are waiting to pick them off. When Miles spies an overturned tanker trunk, he urges his crew to get inside and weather the attack. Seemingly unaffected, Nano-Priscilla is left outside to inspect the dead and surprise some Patriot soldiers, who can't understand how she possibly could have survived.

Of course, no one in Willoughby is aware of the gas attack, least of all Truman's girlfriend, Marion. When she catches Truman behaving oddly, she waits until he leaves, then investigates his sock drawer to find a gas mask and a folder full of something shocking. That night, once the Patriots are gone, Miles, Monroe and their people reconvene in an abandoned convenience store. When Priscilla shows up full of excuses, Rachel can tell something's not right, but Aaron won't say anything. Furious over the loss of 20 men, Monroe wants to steal some of the Patriots' gas and gas them right back, twice as hard. The only thing that matters is beating the Patriots. Oddly, Miles agrees with no argument, then pulls Rachel outside for her inevitable lecture. Tired of competing with Monroe for Miles' attention, Rachel claims she's done with them both. Rather than talk about the breakup, Miles heads off with Monroe, asking about his plans for the future. Monroe thinks the country is still his for the taking; better him than the Patriots. After all, Monroe has learned from his mistakes, and he hopes Miles will join him.

Shaw waits for a haggard Neville outside his home. The men seem friendly, but it's clear Shaw's come to kill. Neville invites Shaw inside, pours a drink, and lures him towards a booby trap featuring crude, leg-impaling steel spikes. Neville figures someone in D.C. must be planning to kill Julia... or is she already dead? Shaw's silence says it all, and Neville finally realizes he was wrong and Jason was right. Having descended into darkness once and for all, Neville vows to burn everyone, starting with Shaw. Across town, Porter finds Marion visiting her father's gravestone. When she refuses to talk, Charlie emerges from the woods, cocking her trigger. Per Monroe's orders, Connor and Scanlon have a pretty convincing fight by a campfire in order to draw out any Patriots still searching for them. Miles and Monroe flush out and kill five Patriots, taking their gas masks and packs. When Priscilla disappears, Aaron follows her to a decrepit farmhouse, where he finds a Patriot in gas masks reading a newspaper paper. Although the Patriot seems dead, the tear rolling down his cheek indicates he's still alive. Suddenly, all the electricity flicks on, and Priscilla giggles at the macabre tableau she's created. Furthermore, she's reached a conclusion: people are the problem. They're naturally miserable and they won't stop until they burn down the world. But she's going to fix them by altering their limbic systems!

Monroe et al return to the cabin with their purloined gas, unaware that Charlie and Porter have Marion stowed there. Miles lures the guys outside with the promise of whiskey, then Rachel locks them out. She's cooked up a solution of lye and water to neutralize the mustard gas. When Marion spies the yellow cross on the mustard gas tanks, she puts two and two together. Per Truman's files, the Patriot government just shipped 100 tons of yellow cross to Willoughby. Furious he no longer has gas to fight the gas with, Monroe lays into Miles, who explains that they're not killing innocent people anymore. They're the good guys, so they're going to start acting like good guys. Monroe can leave if he wants, but if he stays, this time they're doing things Miles' way. Once Connor and Monroe take off, Rachel asks Miles what happened, so he takes out the guitar pick. He was bleeding to death in the basement of the abandoned house when he found it, and it all came together. No matter what happened in the past, Rachel is still trying to build a better world for Charlie. So how could Miles check out without trying to do the same?

Still furious, Monroe leads Connor back to the abandoned chemical plant to dig up a weapons cache. They're going to get what's rightfully Connor's without Miles. Just then, Neville appears and puts his knife to Connor's throat, wanting to talk about irony. Monroe's willing to die for his son, but Neville doesn't want to kill anybody. They have work to do... (c)

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