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Steven Culp on "Rush"

Episode: 1.06 - You Spin Me Around

Rush In this new episode Alex and Rush (Larenz Tate, Tom Ellis) are looking forward to a guys' weekend at a medical conference, until they find out that Rush's ex (Odette Annable) is planning to attend with her new boyfriend. Mike Doyle and *Steven Culp* guest star in this new episode. 9 p.m. USA

Production Note
We were originally going to shoot the Senatorial debate scene at a real local news television studio, but were able to achieve the same look with a greenscreen on our sound stage. This saved the production a significant amount of time and expense. (c)

Summarizing thoughts of the storyline Steven's character was involved with


Rush meets with Roger Keating, a senator suffering from a terminal disease. If the public learns of his illness, he won't get reelected. Keating's campaign manger wants Rush to medicate the senator into a façade of health, but Keating isn't completely sold on this idea.

Safely back at the hotel, Rush watches the senator during a television debate to see if he'll tell the truth.

(, by Lisa Casas)

Sarah-pursuing time is interrupted with a call from Eve that she has a patient for him in the hotel. It's a senator who has a big debate that night and he has ALS. His wife wants him to get treatment to lessen the symptoms so they can keep the illness a secret. He ends up refusing treatment, for now.

Later, the senator calls for Rush again rethinking the no treatment vow. He gives him some pills that will take care of the shakes, with a "take them or not."

Later, we see the Senator on TV at the big debate. Will watches expectantly for the confession that doesn't come. Rush is disappointed. We're disappointed. Our sad doc gives him more of the drug to hide the side effects. The senator does have a moral compass after all. He says he did it for his wife. She deserves happiness even if it doesn't include him. That's somethin' to chew on Rush.


Eve tells Rush a patient has checked into the Presidential Suite of his hotel just to see him. Abandoning Alex as the bar, Rush goes off to make his house call.

The patient is a Senator running for re-election. He has been diagnosed with ALS but he is hoping there is someway to keep his symptoms (shaky hands, slow speech, memory gaps) hidden from the public during not only his debate that evening but until after the election.

Rush goes into his handy arsenal of drugs and of course happens to have just the remedy he needs at the ready. The Senator however is a little reluctant. He isn't sure if he can handle the job plus his condition. Rush leaves the man with the pills and the freedom to make that decision himself.

Later that evening, Rush watches as the debate is aired and sees the Senator hesitate for a moment before speaking. He is unsure if this is a symptom or if it is because he is going to share his diagnosis with the world. He continues on flawlessly with the speech and never mentions his ALS.

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