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Steven Culp on "The Defenders"

Episode: Nevada vs. Senator Harper

THE DEFENDERS - "Nevada vs. Senator Harper" - Nick and Pete are shocked when their client, a state senator, is charged with the kidnapping and burglary of his mistress in the midst of a divorce case. Meanwhile, Pete defends an attractive cabana girl from accusations of assault and battery.


Detailed summary:

Nick and Pete defend a senator accused of killing his mistress. When a well known senator (Steven Culp) is going through a divorce, Nick and Pete represent him. The case swiftly blows up into a scandalous tale of infidelity and possible kidnapping and murder. We soon find out that the senator had a young mistress - a la Gary Condon.

The team struggles to see though the web of lies that the senator is telling them. In the mean time, evidence arises that the senator's wife was seen with the young intern right before she went missing - and soon the senator's wife is a person of interest. In order to save his wife and the mother of his children, the senator lies and confesses to killing the girl. Nick and Pete trace the girl via her face book page. She had an ex fiancé who has a cabin at Lake Mead. They track her down at the cabin where she is alive and well. She is hiding out, licking her wounds. The senator is acquitted. (c)

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