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October 27, 2003

Question: What is the story with this guy, Steven Culp? Just in this season alone I have seen him in guest-starring roles in "Enterprise" (as a member of the new commando unit), on "JAG" (as the CIA guy that Mac was helping out in the season premiere), on "West Wing" (as the Republican that derailed the staff's first choice for vice president) and on "Lyon's Den" (as the guy that Rob Lowe defended on last week's episode)! This guy is busy! My friends and I are already starting to place bets on the next show he'll pop up in. Right now the top runners are "Law & Order," "24" and "Joan of Arcadia". — Chris S.

Matt Roush: All right! A big shout-out to all of those in-demand character-actor guest stars in Hollywood. I've also noticed how ubiquitous Steven Culp has been lately. Another thing: He tends to be good at what he does. No wonder he's always working.

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