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Ask Matt: Matt Rush on ...

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November 3, 2003

Question: A comment more than a question. In regards to Chris S.'s comments last week on Steven Culp, just wanted to mention that he has been in the recurring role of Clayton Webb since the Season Two premiere of "JAG" (eight years as a guest star, pretty impressive). I've been dying for him to pop up on other stuff and I'm thrilled that he's been so visible lately. As for the thought that he may pop up on "24" next: been there, done that. Steven played Agent Simmons on "24" last year. He was in charge of extracting info out of Roger Stanton by whatever means necessary. — Krissy N.

Matt Roush: Quite a few people caught that omission. My bad. And Culp was just on "Star Trek: Enterprise" again this week. The guy sure gets around.

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