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Steven Culp in "Friday 13th - Part IX - Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday"

as Robert Campbell

US Release Date: August 13, 1993


You just got to love Jason Voorhees ability to adapt! Throughout the Friday the 13th series, he has been a hillbilly slasher, zombie, cyborg andhere in Friday the 13th Part 9 or Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday, he is a transient metaphysical force looking for a new body to occupy.

After having his body completely destroyed by the FBI, Jason Voorhees' remains are transferred to the Cunningham County Morgue. There, the town coroner, while under Jason's influence, consumes his heart and starts his rampage anew, completely taking on his persona. This time though, with a purpose. Jason needs a new body and needs to be rebornthrough a relative Voorhees: his sister, Diana Kimble or her daughter, now a mother herself, Jessica. The only people who can help them are estranged father of Jessica's baby, Steven and the mysterious bounty hunter, Creighton Duke, who knows the secret to Jason's ultimate destruction.


The ninth episode in the phenomenally successful series, which began in 1980, "The Final Friday" is a largely incoherent movie that generates little suspense and relies for the majority of its thrills on close-up gore. Most of the grosser images in the film, which was directed by Adam Marcus, come near the beginning, not long after Jason Voorhees, the series' hockey-masked fiend, is dismembered by a squad of machine gun-toting police.

Cut up and splayed like a giant charred pork roast in the autopsy room of the Federal Morgue, Jason seems well beyond repair. Then suddenly his extracted heart begins to beat. The coroner, who was analyzing the organ, becomes transfixed and grabs the heart, cramming it into his mouth. With many flashes of lightning, Jason is reborn in the coroner's body.

Once back in action, the unstoppable serial killer heads straight for -- where else? -- his hometown of Crystal Lake, where the local restaurant is foolhardy enough to be advertising a "Jason Is Dead 2 for 1 Burger Sale." Over the the next few days, Jason inhabits one body after another, transferring from person to person in a messy ritual that might be described as a forced mouth-to-mouth heart transplant.

The only person possessing the secret to Jason's undoing is Creighton Duke, a glowering professional bounty hunter, who has been studying Jason for years. Creighton becomes involved after a tabloid television show offers a $500,000 reward for Jason's demise. In order to learn Creighton's secrets, Steven Freeman, who leads the anti-Jason forces, must allow Creighton to break several of his fingers.

Starring: Steven Culp, Steven Williams, Erin Gray, Rusty Schwimmer, John D. LeMay, Kari Keegan, Kane Hodder

Directed by: Adam Marcus

Genres: Horror / Thriller
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Behind the Scenes: Steven gets the necessary "make up"

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