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Steven Culp on "Stargate Atlantis"

Episode: Miller's Crossing

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Behind-the-scenes audio commentary on the episode "Miller's Crossing" of "Stargate Atlantis"
by Co-Executive Producer / Writer Martin Gero and Director Andy Mikita.

Commentaries are located below the respective scenes.

Martin Gero: And this is the guy we've been trying to get on the show for a couple of years. We are all big fans of his. And it's just the right part and right time. I really think he has done a really good job.

Andy Mikita: No question about it. Yeah, he was great to have around and really brought a lot to the character and a lot to the episode.

Martin Gero: And also, I know it is kind of a dumb thing to point out, but he is a tremendously nice and professional guy which is always a moderate surprise to me. Because, you know, we've been burned a lot times. You bring someone in and they are not the greatest and they can really poison the set.

Andy Mikita: This was a scene we did have to work on quite a bit. Steven was such a great giving actor and he was always trying to find better ways to do things. And we really used the rehearsal process to our advantage because the dynamic of the scene changes.

Martin Gero: It's tough work, you know. One of the big things Paul Mullie said when we were at the beginning of the script. He didn't want the kind of same old evil guy going after our leads. I think he is justifiable if his actions to a certain extent. You know like, I don't have a kid but I can imagine the helpless you would feel and the willingness to do just about anything within your power to save them. He is a tragic character because the second he injects Jeannie with those nanites he's got to die basically. He's gone past a reasonably justified, one would argue, man to a guy who's starting to endanger other people's lives. As Carl's said, he's got to die now.

Andy Mikita: I remember when we shot this. I think we had about 20 minutes left in the day to shoot this. We kind of rushed through this. We did three set-ups or something. It was a fast one.

Martin Gero: This is pretty much the darkest we've ever gotten on the show. And there was a lot of hesitation from Joe and a lot of hesitation from the network. We have essentially our lead character talking a guy into killing himself, and is that too dark. I brought up that Wallace is a tragic character he has done some terrible mistakes. Again, the second he injects Jeannie, he kind of signs his own death warrant. The other thing is, what would you do? I have no problem with the decision, you know like, Sheppard didn't bring him in there and put the Wraith's hand on his chest. He presented it cleanly said 'listen, you know, your life is over anyway'. Your daughter is dead, you're about to go to a very dark place for the rest of your life. You can save someone's life here, in fact, two people's life. Because hardly enough he is saving the Wraith and Jeannie, not that is a primary concern.

Andy Mikita: It's an interesting compelling dilemma. […] This scene we had shot at the front end. It was literally the first scene that we shot. It was the only scene we shot this day.

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