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Steven Culp on "The Lottery"

Episode: St. Michael

"The Lottery" - "St. Michael" - Sep 7, 2014:

Alison and James share their theory about the source of the fertility crisis with Vanessa. Separately, Vanessa discovers Darius has some co-conspirators as his plans to take over the Lottery continue to escalate. Kyle is asked to compromise his relationship with Allison by the MayTwos and Gabrielle takes the press behind the scenes of The Lottery as contestants face psychological evaluations.

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Detailed summary:

Vanessa hears the evidence that Alison and James provide, and becomes convinced that Darius and the U.S. government were in on the fertility crisis from the beginning. The President gives instructions to the Vice President, who is heading to a meeting with Darius and General Langdon, stating he does not want tanks or a noticeable military presence at the televised announcement of the lottery winners later that week. The Vice President meets with Darius and Langdon, and becomes outraged when the head of the President's Secret Service detail won't reveal details of an escape route. Gabrielle reveals her interest in helping Perry, namely that she'd like to be the one to take care of the baby if Perry cannot. She rigs a psychology exam so that Perry can do well, but upon seeing that Angela is stressed out over a TV interview she just gave, Perry lets Angela take her seat at the test. Elsewhere, Kyle learns that the MayTwos have moles in the DOH building and can get Elvis out, but he also learns from Rojas that their help comes at a price. Alison and James meet with Kessler's son again, who at first denies knowing anything about his fathers last days, but later tells James that his father kept handwritten logs in the family beach house on St. Michael's Island. Vanessa sees photographic evidence of the Vice President, Darius and Langdon meeting on their own, and warns Alison to tread carefully in her investigation of Kessler. Soon after, Alison learns that Kessler's son was found dead after being abduction. She warns James, who is on his way to the beach house. James goes anyway and discovers the logs. As he begins to take photos of the logs on his phone, he sees a black vehicle arrive with several men getting out of the vehicle. He manages to send the photographed pages from his phone just before he is shot by one of the men. (c) wikipedia

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