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Steven Culp on "The Lottery"

Episode: 1.10 - In Extremis

"The Lottery" - "In Extremis" - Sep 28, 2014:

The President announces the winners; the mystery behind the infertility crisis comes to a head.

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Detailed summary:

Vanessa reveals to Gabrielle that her husband, The president, was responsible for causing the fertility crisis. The relevation has him becoming suspicious of Vanessa and meets up with a sniper to kill her. At the same time, Darius and the Vice President put their plans to kill the President in motion. Allison learns from James that he hid more information back at his home that confirms more information about Dr. Kessler and his list of vaccinations he performed. One of the clues also unearthed a person who donated the embryos, leading Allison to a post-op transgendered man who before making a transition from a woman had given the eggs to a fertility clinic. Fearing of what her husband will do once the women are chosen, Gabrielle tells Perry that she will not take her baby and suggests she quit the Lottery, but Perry sees this as a stab in the back and refuses. Rojas tells Kyle his reason behind going after the embryos as they prepare for their planned assault of taking the children, which finally reunites Kyle and Elvis after the guard who about to shoot Kyle draws down his gun and lets them go. The President finally announces the winners of the Lottery, with Perry selected as the top winner. The mystery behind the infertility crisis comes to a head, with the President admitting to the public about his involvement in which he blamed himself for authorizing a project to sterilize people but the project would become fatal, which lead to the plane crash that released the virus in the first place, and he vowed to fix it. Unfortunately, after he makes that statement, he is shot to death. It turns out that Gabrielle, along with the Vice president and Darius, were in on the plot to assassinate the President, and with the Vice President sworn in to succeed him, he signs a order to have the 100 winners become government property once they deliver their children, including a hysterical Perry. The turn of events prompts Allison to flee Washington for her own safety, while Vanessa decides to stay and take on her enemies head on. Allison later meets up with Kyle and Elvis to prepare for their journey to go into hiding, with Allison bringing along a mini-cryogenic device that contains a fertilized egg that Allison and Kyle had conceived together using Kyle's sperm. (c) wikipedia

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